Asset-based company 3PL Fox Logistics announced on Wednesday the acquisition of the Boxton freight automation platform. The agreement expands Fox Logistics’ global transportation capabilities, including ocean and air transportation.

The Boxton platform from San Diego automates cargo quotes using artificial intelligence and API connectivity. The deal is expected to add 150 global customers to the Fox Logistics network, increasing its customer base by 500%.

The terms of the deal are not disclosed.

“Boxton’s Freight Automation Platform increases partner capacity fivefold and improves our customers’ user experience by meeting them where they already work, be it Slack, Microsoft Teams or email, ”said Fox Logistics CEO Matt Lawrence. “We are delighted with Boxton’s relationship with ocean and air carriers and we are going to continue to expand that relationship. This is the future of trucking. “

Fox Logistics’ artificial intelligence capabilities in Stark, Florida, allow users to receive an offer in minutes by scanning emails and PDFs. The company’s platform provides visibility of land, air and ocean supplies to retailers and manufacturers of all sizes. Shippers can consolidate and track orders in real time.

Boxton customers are expected to benefit from more competitive freight rates, given Fox Logistics ’direct relationship with carriers.

“We started Boxton to help the world’s most innovative companies better manage complex supplies so they can focus on growth,” said Warren Kucker, Boxton’s founder. “Fox Logistics’ ingenuity, focus on customer service and deep relationships with suppliers will continue to take supply chains to the next level.”

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