Darvish, formerly a minority partner at the Audi dealership in New Jersey and a manager of the Napleton Automotive Group platform, said that since concluding an agreement with Fuccillo in August 2020, he has faced several delays. His lawyer’s office stopped because of COVID-19, and Darwish fell ill.

“I almost died,” he said Automotive news. “I was in the hospital for 19 days.”

Darvish said he had been on oxygen for two months but had recovered. Then, in June 2021, the CEO of Fuccillo Automotive Billy Fuchil Sr. has died.

Darvish said he slept little during those 20 months when he worked to meet with several manufacturers and banks to complete the deal.

He now has more than 400 staff, whom Darwish called “very good workers.”

“The staff that came along with this deal is impressive,” he said. “The team is a huge team.”

Fuccillo Automotive Group only a few years ago had more than 20 dealerships, but over the past year it has sold many stores. In early 2021, the band sold five dealerships in New York at Matthews Auto Group. Then in March 2021 sold two Kia dealerships in Florida at LMP Automotive Holdings Inc. In Last August, he sold a Nissan dealership in Clearwater, Florida.at Morgan Automotive Group.

Billy Fuquila Jr., president of the Fuccillo group, did not respond to requests for comment from Automotive news. The group’s website still lists seven franchise rooftops in New York City.

Two of Fuccillo Automotive General Motors ’dealerships in New York City closed around the time of the Darwish deal: Fuccillo Chevrolet-Buick at Auto Mall in Adams and Fuccillo Chevrolet of Nelliston. A GM spokesman confirmed that the franchise was discontinued in late April and early May. As part of his deal, Darwish bought real estate for both locations.

He plans to use these sites as second-hand car shops and hopes to apply to open a Chevrolet store in Adams.

The 50-year-old Darwish, who said he graduated from college, wanted to have a car dealership from the age of 21.

“I sacrificed everything to get here,” he said. – I risked everything to get here.

And he wants more. Darvish said he wants to look for more dealers to buy by the end of the year as he hopes to own more than 90 stores in the next seven years.

“As soon as I leave, I want to continue,” he said.

Bob Morris with Tim Lamb Group, a buying and selling company in Columbus, Ohio, represented the seller in the deal, Darvish said.


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