One of the best-selling models in the Mercedes SUV line turns two this month. The latest GLA class thus, the facelift remains approximately 18-24 months. It uses the MFA 2 architecture and is manufactured at two plants: Rastatt and Beijing. The next generation, which should appear in 2027, should use MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture).

Above 4.4 m long GLA is located GLB which has dimensions of 4634 mm from end to end and uses the same architecture of MFA 2. Introduced in 2019, it continues to be produced in Germany, China and Mexico. Production is expected to continue until the third quarter of 2026 after some changes in style and revised engines in 2023.

BR 254 / W 254, second generation GLC class, should be announced in the media very soon. In April 2019, Daimler stated that this model would also be produced in Sindelfingen “from 2022”, without announcing how this would affect production in Bremen. Confirmation of the identity of the leading plant is expected.

Definitely will also be made in China as this country is now the number one market for GLC. It will be at one of the plants of the Beijing Benz joint venture. The new model should be produced by the third quarter of 2029, and in 2025 it is planned to update in the middle of the cycle.

The second generation GLC Coupé Most likely, the introduction of the GLC-Class will be delayed by about six months, so this should mean the start of production in early 2023. One can expect a life cycle of seven years.

Not an SUV as such; more crossover, the first in the history of the C-Class sublime station wagon debuted in the world at the Munich IAA in September 2021. Like its larger E-Class equivalent, C-Class ATVs, this model has a raised suspension and plastic trim around the wheel arches, as well as custom-made bumpers. The service life will be the same as in other C-Class variants: facelift in 2024, replacement in 2028.

Since there is no GLD class, the next largest model is this GLE class. The build started a little over three years ago, which means some mid-cycle views may not be too distant. Lifting is likely to be announced later in 2022, although 2023 is also possible. The replacement should be made in 2026.

Next year we should also see a facelift GLE coupereleased in February 2020.

The successor to the GLE Coupé should appear either in the fourth quarter of 2026 or in the first quarter of 2027. This model is likely to be only electric in many countries, and may not even be hybrid or PHEV derivatives.

It has been four years since the second generation Magna Steyr began production G-Class at his factory in Graz. So will Mercedes-Benz do a durable 4 × 4 lift soon? The answer is not necessarily due to steady demand and classic look. The final update will take place in 2023 or 2024. Details of the EQG, being an electric G-Class, will be noted in the next report, which will be released later in May.

At the top of the Mercedes SUV lineup sits GLS. Launched in late 2019, next year there should be some changes in style as well as revised engines. This should be headline news in terms of major upgrades until a successor (project code: X 168) appears in 2027.

Reports on the future models of many other manufacturers are grouped in OEM product strategy summary section with Just Auto.

ФPlatform reconnaissance

More information on past, current and future models can be found in the PLDB, the future car database that is part of Globals Data Car Intelligence Center.

This is the second of four reports examining current and future models of Mercedes-Benz Group passenger car brands. Other features, which will appear later in May, will focus on Mercedes-AMG cars, followed by Mercedes-EQ and Maybach electric cars. The first report concerned Mercedes and MPV cars.

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