Beijing (Gasgoo) – As reported, on March 4, local media reported that the premium car brand Honda Acura is coming from the Chinese market in June 2022.

Photo: Acura

A source at the Acura showroom said the only existing Acura dealership in Beijing would be handed over to MacLaren shortly after it closed. What’s more, another Acura showroom in the city will be replaced by the award-winning EV brand Great Wall Motor Shalong.

In addition, GAC Honda will be responsible for after-sales service for existing Acura owners after the brand leaves the country, the Acura dealer added.

In fact, the Japanese high-end brand has already suspended its import and sedan activities in China. Currently, there are only two Acura models on the Chinese market, both SUVs sold by the GAC Acura.

On the other hand, rumors of the removal of Acura are not entirely unfounded. In 2021, GAC Acura sold 6,554 vehicles, which is almost twice less than a year ago. For comparison, the brand sold 157,408 cars in the same year in the US, an increase of 14.9% year on year.

The industry saw its shortcomings as an inevitable result caused by a lack of marketing strategy and branding.

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