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Li Auto releases L9 photos

Today, Chinese electric car startup Li Auto has released several photos of its new L9 model. The debut of the new model will take place in April.

Gasgoo Daily: Li Auto releases L9 photos

Gasgoo Daily: Li Auto releases L9 photos

Gasgoo Daily: Li Auto releases L9 photos

Photo: Li Auto

Haima’s subsidiary in Zhengzhou is recording growth in share capital

Zhengzhou Haima New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., (“Zhengzhou Haima”), a subsidiary indirectly owned by Chinese automaker Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. (“Haima”), recently increased its share capital by 9,183.3% to 557 million yuan ($ 87.59 million), according to Qichacha’s corporate database.

Hunan is going to expand the intelligent car market

The Hunan Province Department of Industry and Information Technology recently published a plan for the development of the local intelligent automotive industry for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).

Honda licenses IAT to use its technology

Chinese Automobile Design Company IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. (IAT) has signed a contract with Japanese automaker Honda Motor, which has a license to use the latest technology in the development of car models, the IAT announced on March 15.

Faurecia, a BYD joint venture is building a new subsidiary in Xi’an

Shenzhen Faurecia Auto Parts Co., Ltd., (“Shenzhen Faurecia”), a joint venture of Chinese automaker BYD and global auto parts supplier Faurecia, recently set up a new subsidiary in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province.

HT Aero will soon debut the Voyager X2 “flying car” in Europe

HT Aero, UAM (Urban Aviation Mobility), which joins XPeng Inc., arrived in the Netherlands a few days ago for the fifth-generation Voyager X2 “flying car”, indicating that the model will soon debut in Europe.

BYD Auto raises prices for some NEV models

BYD Auto announced on Tuesday that it would raise prices by 3,000 yuan ($ 470) to 6,000 yuan ($ 940) on several models of new energy-intensive (NEV) cars from the Dynasty and Ocean lines due to steady increases in raw material prices.

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