Shanghai (Gazgu) – GCL Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“GCL-ET”), a Chinese clean energy project operator, signed an agreement with Sichuan Tongsheng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. on May 16. (“Tongsheng”) on the joint development of digital economic development and auto-electrification for Sichuan Province, according to a report on the account of WeChat GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., the parent company of GCL-ET.

Signing ceremony; photo: GCL Group

Under the agreement, both sides will work together to promote applications for new energy vehicles (NEVs), invest in EV battery charging and replacement stations, integrate trade and commerce, and six-in-one mobile communications. a digital energy innovation platform that brings together vehicles, stations, users, transportation, commerce and security involved in intelligent platform management services.

As part of the partnership, both sides will work to deploy and operate more than 8,000 NEV over five years.

In addition, the duo is jointly implementing a demonstration project of a new type of energy storage station, which includes the integration of electricity, grid, load and storage, as part of efforts to support the industrialization of advanced energy storage technologies of a new type in Sichuan.

In April this year, the Sichuan Provincial Government released an action plan stating that all vehicles to be commissioned from 2022 should in principle be NEV (except for some special regions). In addition, the relevant cities or prefectures will be asked to study the NEV battery replacement model and primarily apply vehicles with replaceable batteries in public service areas such as buses, taxis, urban logistics, engineering, sanitation, ports and excavations.

GCL-ET is mainly engaged in green energy exploitation, mobile energy exploitation and integrated energy services. It aims to build a comfortable, economical and ecosystem travel ecosystem that ranges from clean energy production, battery replacement services to energy storage, and the provision of integrated energy solutions for electric travel.

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