GE Renewable Energy announced 3 megawatts (MW) yesterday Sierraits newest platform for wind turbines, which will be sold only in North America.

GE Sierra offshore wind turbine

The 3 MW Sierra, according to GE, “is built on GE’s legacy platform with a 2 MW bestseller that recently exceeded the world’s 30 GW established base. The Sierra platform was launched with two prototypes, one in Lubbock, Texas, and one in Kamatake, India, with more than a year of successful work on each. ”

The 3.0-3.4 MW turbine has a larger 140-meter rotor “to unlock values ​​at lower wind speeds” and is available with a variety of hub heights, including those with more than 500 feet. The height of the wind turbine hub is the distance from the ground to the middle of the turbine rotor.

Sierra also includes a 68.7-meter GE blade, which consists of two parts, which improves logistics, installation and maintenance. The two-piece blades significantly reduce logistics costs by allowing the blade to be installed on site and reducing the cost of equipment and road work required to transport longer blades.

Sierra blades of two parts are made by both Danish LM Wind Power – a multinational manufacturer of wind turbine rotor blades, a subsidiary of GE – and a manufacturer of wind blades in Scottsdale, Arizona TPI.

Sierra turbines will be manufactured at GE’s manufacturing facility in Pensacola, Florida, and most of their components will be manufactured in North America.

When we asked a GE spokesperson what made this turbine extremely useful in the North American market, he said it was easy to transport, easy to install and easy to operate. For example, Sierra requires more standard cranes instead of larger ones.

A GE spokesman further explained:

It is a high-power turbine designed and optimized for specific U.S. logistics and plant balance constraints, as well as a strong internal supply chain to reduce project risk and policy uncertainty.

GE says it has so far received more than 1 GW of orders for the turbine platform, but its spokesman did not specify who made those orders.

However, what he said was what we were up to Electric crackle I regularly say when I asked him what he thought the clean energy sector needed to continue to grow:

In order to develop a terrestrial wind industry, it requires policy certainty and a tax credit for production.

You can read more about the specifications of the Sierra coastal wind turbine here.

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Photo: GE Renewable energy sources

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