Shanghai (Gasgoo) – ZEEKR, Geely Holding’s premium BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) brand, reached a new high of 11,011 units in November 2022, representing a sharp increase of 447.3% year-on-year.

By the end of November 2022, the BEV maker had delivered 66,611 vehicles, of which 60,604 were delivered this year.

On November 17, ZEEKR announced that the ZEEKR M-Vision concept, which is based on the ZEEKR SEA-M architecture, will be ready for series production in 2024. On the same day, the electric car manufacturer presented a model of a self-driving all-electric car. developed in partnership with Waymo in Los Angeles. The vehicle, created specifically for the American unmanned technology company, is built on the basis of the ZEEKR M-Vision.

ZEEKR announced that the SEA-M is the world’s first BEV architecture specifically designed to serve unmanned mobility, boasting exceptional expandability available for a wide range of wheelbases from 2700mm to 3300mm and a variety of seating arrangements.

Geely's premium brand BEV ZEEKR delivered 11,011 vehicles in November 2022.

ZEEKR 001; Photo credit: ZEEKR

In terms of building energy networks, as of November 2022, ZEEKR Power has deployed more than 570+ self-built charging stations (excluding dedicated stations) in 106 cities in China and has accessed about 367,000 third-party charging stations in 336 cities in China. . In addition, home charging services have been offered in 309 cities in 31 provinces, with a delivery volume of approximately 35,000 home charging piles.

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