Gefco says it has created an innovative road-rail solution to save CO2 emissions for Toyota Motor Europe.

The service transports auto parts in reusable containers from Spain to northern France on two daily return trips. Compared to the previous road transport only, this solution allows Toyota to significantly reduce carbon emissions, says Gefco.

The latest logistics solution is based on Gefco’s 20-year partnership with Toyota Motor Europe to supply parts to plants in France, the UK and other European countries.

Yvonne Pasquier, Gefco France’s director of sales and marketing, said: “One of our priorities is to find solutions that will help our supply chain partners reduce carbon emissions. With true partners, unlimited spirit, our teams have worked closely with Toyota Motor Europe teams to develop an individualized traffic flow that reduces our customers ’emissions. We are pleased to be able to address Toyota’s assistance in Europe in translating more sustainable logistics practices and strengthen our partnership in this process. ”

Gefco states that its multimodal solutions are designed to meet the growing demand for logistics flows with reduced environmental impact as well as with optimized and safe transit times. They also protect customers from the effects of rising energy prices and a shortage of long-haul truck drivers, the company said.

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