In the early 1970s. Chrysler (there are not enough funds to develop a new subcompact car for the American market) started importing Mitsubishi Colt Galants and put Dodge Colt badges on them. Chrysler’s relationship with Mitsubishi deepened over the following decades and many Mitsubishis were sold here with Dodge, Plymouth, Chryslerand Eagle icons. However, this did not stop Mitsubishi Motors from selling some of the same cars when sales of cars under the Mitsubishi brand and trucks it started here in the 1983 model year. Beginning in 1979, the Colt badges switched to front-wheel drive Miragewith Mirage itself appears here for the 1985 model year. Here is one of those cars, a rare 1990 sedan Denver self service yard.

In 1990, Americans could choose between four nearly identical versions of this car, sold under different brands: Mitsubishi Mirage, Dodge Colt, Plymouth Coltand Eagle peak. MSRP for the ’90 Mirage sedan was $8,559 (about $15,015 in 2022 dollars), and the other three were priced so closely that there wasn’t much of a difference; customers could simply buy the best discounts and financing. Americans couldn’t get this generation To dodge/Plymouth Colt as a sedan, although the Canadians could.

Most of the Mirage and Summit sold here were hatchbacks, but the Mitsubishi and Eagle dealers probably wanted something to compete with civil and Corolla sedans era.

Mitsubishi certainly got its money’s worth the 4G engine family, also known as Orion! It’s a 1.5-liter SOHC 4G15 that makes 81 horsepower. Early Hyundai Excel (and its Mitsubishi-branded counterpart, Accurate) received a version of this engine. When you bought a Mirage Turbo, you got the 1.6-liter DOHC version with 135 horsepower (but it wasn’t available here until 1989, and only as a hatchback).

That 81 horsepower in this case was even less fun than it sounds because the original buyer of this Mirage ditched the standard five-speed manual transmission and paid extra for a three-speed automatic.

It has the ‘Econo’ mode air conditioning that was so popular with Japanese cars in the 1980s.

During his 32 years of service, he drove not quite 100,000 kilometers under his wheels.

At some point set Mercury Tracer Caps slapped on unattractive steel wheels. The holes don’t match, but who’s going to notice?

Sold with the now defunct Ehrlich dealership in Greeley, Colorado, when available for purchase Isuzu or a Nissan on the same lot.

You see a lot of these two stickers, one of the Longmont Brewery and the other from Boulder Bagel Shopon vehicles along the front range of Colorado.

Largest passenger space of any clown car in its class!

“Sedan” just sounds gorgeous.