Home Technology Genesis GV60 is undergoing final refinement of NVH

Genesis GV60 is undergoing final refinement of NVH


Engineers have made the latest changes to the NVH Genesis GV60. Wind noise was assessed on the German motorway, which allowed experts to identify more places to improve and reduce noise. This included redesigning the aerodynamics of the car’s door mirrors and adjusting the front rack finish to reduce bumps and turbulence. Door and window seals have been modified for better insulation, and a floating rear spoiler has been redesigned to optimize airflow, reducing wind noise.

In addition, as part of the development of the GV60, engineers have developed a new NVH technology, which is said to have allowed the OEM to achieve better interior sophistication than ever before for its first all-electric car. The technology works in harmony with Active Noise Control-Road technology and its Electric Active Sound Design (E-ASD) system.

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