After a difficult stage of climbing the Blockhaus and a day of rest, we return to the coast for an easy stage for the fastest guys. At the moment, none of them are leaving the race, so we will probably find the same contenders as in the previous uniform stages. The battle for Cyclamen knitwear continues.

You can watch ALIVE all stages of the Giro d’Italia 2022 HERE or HERE

The second part of the day is much more intense and difficult. Everything will be controlled by a team of big sprinters, if you do not expect that the attacking groups with perforators will fight for victory on stage.


After the day off, the sprinters will want to speak. Now that Carrot is gone, Arno Demar has found himself with the best train and the boy can deliver his team if they have the confidence. Cavendish and Ewan will also be here, as will Mr. Gaviria and Girmei.


Mathieu van der Paul – He won at the starting stage, and the bright track at the end will suit him well.

Benjamin Girmai – Very close, the second in stage 1 and another rider who also likes a sharp route, and he is a strong sprinter.

Arno Demar – So far he has won 2 stages, and despite the fact that it is a sprint uphill, he should be satisfied.

Fernando Gaviria – In both cases he was 2nd and 3rd, who beat Demare and has a good sprint uphill.

Caleb Yuen – 2nd place in stage 6, but lost a pair of leaders in the sprint.


Here it is! This is the day Benjamin Girmai will get his first victory on the stage of the big round. Rough terrain will contribute to late strikes. Mathieu van der Paul of course will be an inspiration and some brave and powerful riders like Diego Ulysses and David Ballerina will be there. When it comes to sprinting, cross your fingers Caleb Yuen because he needs a victory.

Lulu CC2004 Mufcfaan
★★★★★ Arno Demar Mathieu van der Paul Benjamin Girmai
★★★★ Mark Cavendish Benjamin Girmai Mathieu van der Paul
★★★ Caleb Yuen Arno Demar Diego Ulysses
★★ Fernando Gaviria Fernando Gaviria David Ballerina
Benjamin Girmai Caleb Yuen Caleb Yuen

Favorites (out of 15)

10 Girmai
9 Van der Poel
8 Demar
5 Yuen
4 Cavendish, Gaviria
3 Ulysses
2 Ballerinas

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