Giro start in Hungary

The launch in Hungary was previously planned for 2020, but due to COVID-19 it was postponed to 2022. Yes, near the capital Budapest and Lake Balaton are 3 stages. The first stage, which started from Budapest, with 200 km to Visegrad and only 1388 meters of ascent for the whole stage, could be easy for sprinters, but the last kilometers will make a choice for those who are able to fight the best punchers.

You can watch ALIVE all stages of the Giro d’Italia 2022 HERE

The weather

Partly cloudy with a temperature of 22-24 degrees Celsius welcomes the rider.

Stage profile

The 195 km stage, which ends with 5.6 km at 4.2%. Valverde would like to grab a pink T-shirt in his final year, but Van der Poel, among others, will have his say.

The final rise

Prediction of victory on stage


Who can win Mathieu van der Poel? Puncher-sprinter, he will be the number one favorite.

Another guy who loves this kind of finish for sure Alejandro Valverde

Benjamin Girmai has the same profile as Valverde, a few years less …

Diego Ulysses would like to start a good Giro d’Italia.

Giacomo Nitzola this is another guy who finished well.


Mathieu van der Paul – The finish uphill should suit him well and have a good sprint.

Sang Bilbao – Won the sprint in the Tours of the Alps and has a good shot.

Phil Bauhaus – We had a good sprint uphill in Volta a Catalonia.

Benjamin Girmai – A good rider who can climb.

Matthias Skelmoz Ensen – The racer, who can not be discounted, some of the top 10 sprint finishes in Volta a Catalonia.


This course has Van de Poel written so he could get a pink T-shirt during his debut. Once he installs his «Gorilla Attack » it is expected that no one will follow. Zhao Almeida is one if he could get behind the wheel, owns a sprint to win the stage. Ramon Barde, Sang Bilbao and of course Valverde also excellent sprinters.

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★★★★★ Mathieu van der Paul Mathieu van der Paul Zhao Almeida
★★★★ Alejandro Valverde Sang Bilbao Mathieu van der Paul
★★★ Benjamin Girmai Phil Bauhaus Ramen Barde
★★ Diego Ulysses Benjamin Girmai Sang Bilbao
Giacomo Nitzola Matthias Skelmoz Ensen Alejandro Valverde

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