Flat-flat for the last 3 kilometers, this stage is created for the fastest men, right? After the fast and ferocious Friday the 13th and on the eve of The Blockhaus various scenarios are possible.

You can watch ALIVE all stages of the Giro d’Italia 2022 HERE or HERE

Profile for the last 5 km

Monte di Procida is 2.1 kilometers long with 6% and the ascent to Lake Lucreen at 600 meters with 9.4% is included in 5 laps before the 20-kilometer race to the finish line with the last two ascents of 1.8 kilometers at 5.2% and 3.4 kilometers by 4.7% respectively. The last 3 kilometers are strictly flat.


Over the last 40 kilometers 4 ascents may have eliminated some sprinters, among whom Cavendishwho also lost Carrot due to fever. So will it be powerful sprinters or hard punches? That’s the question. Yuen, Demar, Girmei, Van der Poel and Gaviria are the top five, which, in my opinion, have a mixture of both with Caleb Ewan – the favorite.


Mathieu van der Paul – Won the starting stage on a very difficult finish hill, and his strength is that he can attack on the last ascent or somewhere else.

Benjamin Girmai – the second best at the start, and he can also attack on the last ascent and perhaps faster than Van der Poel in the sprint.

Edward Thenes – A good sprinter and a late lift should suit him to help, perhaps, eliminate some of the faster guys.

Magnus Court – Cannot be discounted after an impressive 4th place in stage 1.

Andrea Vendram – A good rider who can sprint in a short group.


The day after the animation of the race, the Dutch can return with their biggest superstar, Mathieu van der Paul. This hilly stage is fully in line with his powerful abilities. To win, the Alpecin-Fenix ​​racer must be on top, as other teams will try to bring him to a sprint in which Caleb Yuen is a favorite. The Australian has regularly argued that short steep slopes are not a problem for him. He would like to end his series of setbacks and finally get a well-deserved victory at the Giro this year. His biggest threat must be a new sensation, Burma Girmai who could turn this series of top 5 results into gold, ahead of everyone who stayed. Magnus Court Nielsen another protagonist who is not against raising gradients and fits into the category of racers who would benefit from such a stage profile as Andrea Vendram.

Lulu CC2004 Mufcfaan
★★★★★ Caleb Yuen Mathieu van der Paul Caleb Yuen
★★★★ Arno Demar Benjamin Girmai Benjamin Girmai
★★★ Benjamin Girmai Edward Thenes Mathieu van der Paul
★★ Mathieu van der Paul Magnus Court Magnus Court
Fernando Gaviria Andrea Vendram Andrea Vendram

Favorites (out of 15)

11 Girmai
10 Yuen, Van der Paul
4 Court, Demar
3 Tevny
2 Vendram
1 Gaviria


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