This year the Italian grand tour will start in the Hungarian capital Budapest and end in Verona. Unlike recent years, the opening stage is not a race against time, and the final one remains. It is necessary to cite a short and trivial invasion of the homeland of Pogachar and Roglich in stage 19.

You can watch ALIVE all stages of the Giro d’Italia 2022 HERE

1 stage

The 195 km stage, which ends with 5.6 km at 4.2%. Valverde would like to grab a pink T-shirt in his final year, but Van der Poel and others will have their say.

Stage 2

The distance is 9.2 km in the beautiful capital of Hungary. The last 1.3 km is an ascent of 4.9% on average with a slope of more than 10%!

Stage 3

201 km long in the saddle, which will end in a sprint.

Stage 4

In keeping with the tradition of recent years, the race is visiting Sicily. Stage with the ascent of Mount Etna. 22.8 km at 6.6%.

Stage 5

Race for 174 km, in which 2and A categorical climb can help filter out some sprinters.

Stage 6

Another stage is made for sprinters, as there are no difficulties, except for one ascent, which begins just 25 km after the start of this stage.

Stage 7

4728 m of ascent, about 200 kilometers, 4 category ascents, a real difficult stage. Can a group of escapes survive? Perhaps the stage ends on a slope. A few years ago, a racer like Thomas de Gendt enjoyed this stage. But most likely the favorites will end together, if Alejandro Valverde will still be in the main group, he can win this stage.

Stage 8

Having just completed a steady last 3 kilometers, this stage is set up for the fastest sprinter Jira.

Stage 9

One of the most difficult mountain stages with climbing over 5,000 meters per day, completion to the Blockade in the final ascent of 13.6 km averaging 8.5%. Only the best climbers can win. Who but the Colombians?

Stage 10

We return to the coast for an easy stage created for the fastest guys.

Stage 11

203 km near the absolute plain, only 340 m ascent throughout the stage. You just need to watch the last 5 km of the sprint battle.

Stage 12

Yes, the finish is a flat stage, but before you have 3 cat3 climbs, the last is about 30 miles from the finish. The question is, who can go for the best, will the escape win today?

Stage 13

Who will survive the Colle di Nava? Climb from 25 km from the beginning to 54 km of the Colle di Nava and then almost plain to the end of the stage.

Stage 14

A difficult stage, very tiring, after almost two weeks of racing. It is difficult to predict who will twice survive the Superga Colle della Madelena before going to Turin. Victory escape? Or an experienced descender?

Stage 15

One of the most difficult and crucial stages before the day of rest. 2 cat1 rises before the last on COGNE to a height of 1611 meters. Wall tailor for the best climbers and GC riders.

Heavy 177 km before the day of rest with 3 climbs by category for the last 87 km, including Pila-Le Fleur and Verron and more than 4000 m climbing.

Stage 16

202 km after the day of rest and a total of 5268 m climbing with 3 cats of 1 each, which will go towards the men GC.

Stage 17

168 km with 2 ascent skating rinks 1, starting with 46.2 km, which can start attacks from the break if they are still there, or from the GC people.

Stage 18

152 km after 2 difficult stages will be the last chance for sprinters to win the stage.

Stage 19

177 km and the Giro visits Slovenia, where the home of Roglic & Pogacar, breaking away, must win, but Kalavrat must inspire the men of GC to attack just over 43 km to the line.

Stage 20

The Queen stage with a grueling 168 km of 4718 m climbs including HC Passo Pordoi and 2 kata 1 climbs on Passo San Pellogrino and Passo Fedaia.

Stage 21

ITT at 17.4 km around Verona with a rise of 4.1 km at 5.4%, which could cause a late change in GC positions when the time intervals are close.

Forecasts for general overall classification

Lulu CC2004 Mufcfaan
★★★★★ Richard Karapaz Richard Karapaz Richard Karapaz
★★★★ Zhao Almeida Sang Bilbao Zhao Almeida
★★★ Ramen Barde Zhao Almeida Ramen Barde
★★ Simon Yates Ramen Barde Simon Yates
Guillaume Martin Guillaume Martin Jay Hindley


Richard Karapaz is the number one favorite and he knows how to win the Jira.

Zhao Almeida is one of his best contenders, even if at the moment in 2022 he has no victory.

Ramen Barde seems to be coming back at best and can count on the podium.

Simon Yates can hope for the top 5 if he doesn’t have one day off as is too often.

Guillaume Martin regularly included in the top 10 riders, he can hope for the best.


Richard Karapaz – Great height and great support of the team make him a big favorite to win his second Jira.

Sang Bilbao – In good shape, winning the stage in the Tour of the Alps

Zhao Almeida – 6th last and 4th place in 2020, of course, in the fight for the podium and a good time.

Ramen Barde – Winner of the Alps Tour, a racer who can attack and make the race exciting.

Guillaume Martin – Another good racer of the Grand Tour and the lack of time race should mean that he can get closer to the top.


Richard Karapaz has probably the best team around, but Zhao Almeida with his ability to race on time should give him a run for his money. There is probably no one on earth who could climb like that Simon Yates in his best days, but every day will not be a walk in the garden for the British twin. Great things are expected Ramen Barde in this Giro as well Giulio Chicone. However, the latter will have to fight hard to overcome his weakness in time racing compared to Jay Hindley.

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