DETROIT – General Motors said Friday that all employees who have been working remotely must report to the office at least three days a week starting later this year, changing the flexible and intentionally vague “Work the Right Way” approach that was adopted during the pandemic.

In an internal message to affected employees, GM said he was making changes because ” COVID-19 the situation has dramatically improved” and to encourage greater cooperation as the automaker transforms its business in the coming years. A GM spokeswoman confirmed the authenticity of the message received Automotive news and submitted a statement explaining the change.

“We are committed to maintaining flexibility to allow our employees to meet their personal commitments and we will share details with them in the coming weeks,” the statement said.

The message to employees was attributed to the “senior management team,” citing the CEO Mary Barra, President Mark Royce and 12 other top executives. He did not give a specific date when the changes will take effect.

“Over time, we’ve lost some of the important intangible benefits of regularly working together face-to-face, including occasional mentoring, more effective communication, and bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to work,” it said. “We’re entering a rapid startup cycle that will frankly define our future trajectory, and we need to drive change quickly—individually and collectively—so we can achieve our goals.

“We strongly believe that our culture—the culture you’ve worked so hard to build—is a competitive advantage, and we absolutely must maintain it. To do our best and have the biggest impact, we will move to a more regular login. human working cycle’.

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