In recognition of the National Day of Qualified Professionals, which is celebrated on the first Wednesday of May each year, the General Motors Customer Service and After-Sales Service (CCA) thanks more than 40,000 qualified technicians at its dealerships. Skilled car technicians are an important part of a car owner’s experience, and GM says it praises their services, both today and every day.

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GM says it is committed to helping its dealerships both retain their current qualified auto technicians and recruit future talent through education and opportunities for successful careers in the industry.

“There is a shortage of qualified technicians in the country in part because of a misconception about the careers of qualified professionals,” said John Roth, GM’s global vice president of customer service and after-sales service. “Today’s role of technology has evolved into a high-tech career that continues to be redefined as the industry undergoes one of the biggest transformations to date. Today, on the National Day of Qualified Professionals, we would like to express our gratitude for the experience and excellence of all General Motors technicians. ”

Wanting to recognize its qualified auto technicians throughout the year, the CCA launched its GM Technician Excellence program in January 2022. This year-round program recognizes dealer center technicians who continue to expand their knowledge through virtual and hands-on learning. By meeting established training criteria, they may work toward different levels of certification and may be eligible for quarterly awards. In addition, new professionals who are completing their first year at a GM dealership may receive a gift card to use the new tools for career advancement.

In the first quarter of the program, 70% of all dealer technicians who participated in the program and more than 9,000 auto technicians were eligible for the award at three levels of certification. In addition, GM says nearly 300 new technicians have joined the company and they should receive a gift card for their annual anniversary.

In addition to helping current technicians, GM says it is also looking to build a pipeline. Every year, the number of skilled talent in the industry decreases, and according to the National Association of Car Dealers, the deficit will increase by 900% by 2031.

“We want to show future talent that becoming a technician is a rewarding and inspiring career path,” Roth said. “To focus more on a career in the industry, our marketing campaign Bring Us Your Talent today unveiled a series of videos highlighting cutting-edge technological career opportunities as well as the opportunity to be part of the transformation of General Motors’ mobility in vehicles. and other future platforms ”.

The video series highlights three segments that are struggling with the stigma of entering into a deal. It also examines and demonstrates:

  • High technical skills needed to work on modern cars such as the new all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ1
  • How skilled professions can become more than a job and lead to a lifelong career

Bring us your talent will continue to distribute additional content throughout the year. To learn more about the many benefits of certified GM vehicles and watch a series of videos, visit

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