GPD, renowned for its handheld gaming PCs and compact mobile PCs, is venturing into the realm of standard-sized laptops with its latest creation, the GPD Duo. Following a teaser last week, GPD has unveiled an image of the upcoming GPD Duo, featuring two 13.3-inch OLED displays, an array of ports, and stylus compatibility.

In the landscape of dual-screen laptops, the GPD Duo appears to offer practicality and versatility. GPD ingeniously positions the two 13.3-inch OLED panels, with one serving as an additional screen atop the other. Unlike other dual-screen laptops requiring detachable keyboards and kickstands, GPD’s design allows the second display to seamlessly fold behind the main screen, presenting a familiar laptop form factor.

Moreover, the GPD Duo offers the flexibility to transform into a tablet with stylus support when the second display is folded down. GPD boasts that when folded, the device matches the size of an A4 sheet, expanding to an impressive 18 inches when both screens are fully extended. The high-quality OLED screens boast 10-point touch capability, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for stylus input, and compatibility with the Microsoft Pen Protocol.

While specific details regarding ports are not disclosed by GPD, glimpses suggest the inclusion of an Ethernet port and an OcuLink port for eGPU connectivity at the rear. Additionally, the laptop is expected to feature multiple USB ports and a card reader along its sides. Notably, the GPD Duo distinguishes itself from Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i by incorporating a full-size keyboard and conventional trackpad, eliminating the need for a separate Bluetooth keyboard.

However, key specifications such as the processor remain undisclosed, with only hints at a 35-watt TDP and an indication of it being an “AI PC.” Speculation arises regarding the possibility of the GPD Duo featuring Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon chips. With Computex on the horizon, anticipation mounts for further details about the GPD Duo’s capabilities and specifications.