Vehicles are becoming smarter and safer all the time. More sensors, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and more computing power promise to revolutionize road safety and efficiency, but how safe is safe? Boston-based NextDroid offers a software platform that collects and analyzes vehicle and road data to help developers test the performance of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) features.

It consists of a roof-mounted SLED hardware sensor and a cloud-based software suite that together analyze test drive data. Developers can attach the Veritas platform to a test car—on the roof and in the trunk, with software everywhere—to detect driver errors and AI. Detailed feedback can not only help engineers improve system performance at a more granular level, but also serve as an objective measure of safety.

Measurable security

“Traditionally, the automotive industry has focused on crashes,” says David Brummer, chief strategy officer at NextDroid. “But why don’t we think about pre-collision safety instead? Let’s find out what happened: did these two cars get closer to each other by one foot or one centimeter? Without objective ground truth, we simply don’t know.’ The NextDroid team looks much deeper into system performance.

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