Shanghai (Gazgu) – Chinese automaker Haima Automobile is set to launch a new BEV model called the Haima 7X-E, which will be available for pre-sale in the second quarter of 2022 and officially go on sale in the third quarter of this year, the website said. WeChat automaker account.

The model that has not yet been launched is the all-electric version of the Haima 7X, which runs on oil, as well as the first purely electric MPV Haima Automobile. Its appearance basically retains the 7X design with its waist lines and hatch inspired by yachts.

Haima 7X-E; photo: Haima Automobile

A small difference compared to the 7X appears on the front. The 7X-E has a sealed radiator grille to emphasize its position as a fully electric vehicle, as well as increase air efficiency.

Haima Automobile’s all-electric MPV 7X-E will hit the market in the third quarter

Haima 7X-E; photo: Haima Automobile

The automaker said the 7X-E is its first high-end intelligent BEV model released amid the transition to electrification. Inheriting the spacious 7X three-row cab, the all-electric MPV is mainly targeted at large families, government agencies, government agencies, small and medium business managers, car rental platforms and car owners engaged in travel service. .

The Haima 7X-E will be equipped with a three-in-one electric drive system and a three-component CATL lithium battery. Equipped with a memory system developed in collaboration with Baidu, it is capable of performing driver assistance functions such as APA (Automatic Parking Assistance), RPA (Remote Parking Assistance) and HAVP (Home Autonomous Parking).

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