In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Halla Group is changing its corporate name to HL (“Higher Life”), which stands for the pursuit of a higher life. Halla Group has retained its corporate name for 38 years since the launch of the Halla brand in 1984. HL will serve as the new name for the group. The HL Group company traces its origins back to the founding of Hyundai International Inc. in 1962 by the late Chung Ying Yong.

The group’s new logo visualizes the movement of a man walking, embodying the spirit of challenge and growth. Stride, which means “to take long decisive steps to take a bold leap”, preserves the group identity as well as the present and future of HL Group in the pursuit of “higher life” and the tradition and heritage of Halla Group.

On August 16, HL Group Chairman Chung Mong Won first introduced the Group Corporate Identity (CI) to employees along with the meaning behind the changed company name. He emphasized: “Youth is the call of our time. Being young means constantly growing and developing, discovering new things without falling into the traps of stagnation. We will take a bold leap forward with our creative talents, communicating with the market through our new and young HL brands.”

HL’s first house brand is HL Klemove, a company specializing in autonomous driving that was launched last December. HL Klemove launched its unique ad campaign with catchy slogans such as “It’s OK to get lost” and “HL Klemove people” attracting a lot of attention from Millennials and Gen Zs. HL Group and its three affiliated companies made the decision to change the name at a board meeting in July and announced the convening of a general meeting of shareholders on the morning of August 18 to adopt the agenda for the change of company names.

The group’s holding company, Halla Holdings Corp., will be renamed HL Holdings, and the names of its two subsidiaries, automotive mainstay Mando Corp. and construction firm Halla Corp., will be renamed HL Mando and HL D&I Halla, respectively. The final decision on the agenda of each company will be made at the general meeting of shareholders in September. The “HL” brand campaign will officially start on September 9. Video ads for the new brands will air across a variety of media, including traditional TV ads and digital campaigns.

Meanwhile, HL Group’s founding date is October 1. A festive event on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its founding will be held in the metauniverse at the end of September.

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