Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes has a spare racer ready to race at the Miami Grand Prix if the FIA ​​tries to impose an “unnecessary” ban on jewelry.

The FIA ​​highlighted existing regulations banning jewelry earlier this season, and spoke in more detail about the Miami review, explaining that the ban poses a risk of increased heat transfer in the event of a fire, or items caught or shifted from a major accident. Hamilton arrived at the press conference in a huge number of jewelry items, including three watches, and says he was making a point.

“I couldn’t get more jewelry today!” Said Hamilton. “I feel it’s almost like a step backwards when you think about the steps we’re taking as a sport and the more important reasons we need to focus on.

“I think we have achieved really great success in sports. This is such a trifle. I have been in sports for 16 years and have been wearing jewelry for 16 years. In the car I only have earrings and a ring in my nose that I can’t even take off.

“It seems unnecessary to us to get into this dispute. So I will try to communicate and work with Mohammed (Ben Sulay). I am here to try to be an ally of sports, Mohammed and Formula One.

“As I said, we have bigger fish to fry, bigger deals, bigger effect. So I think we need to focus on that.

“At least two of the (jewelry) – one, I can’t explain where it is – but it’s platinum, so it’s not magnetic. This has never been a security issue in the past. In 16 years I’ve done so many MRIs and I didn’t have to get a dam.

“If they stop me, so be it. We have a spare driver so we are all ready for the weekend. Anyway, the city has something to do! In any case, it will be good. “

Mercedes ’stock is Nick de Vries, who is present in Miami, but Hamilton says he is also willing to abdicate from the FIA ​​responsibility for the choice of jewelry.

“I am ready to sign a waiver to absolve them of responsibility if I need to,” he said. “It’s about individuality and what you are. I tried to call Mohammed this morning, but I’m sure he was very busy. I sent him a message simply assuring him that I wanted to be an ally and didn’t want to fight you because of it. This is very stupid. I haven’t received an answer yet, but I’ll try to talk to him before the race. “



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