Honda’s first all-electric SUV developed at Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles, launching in 2024

Honda today offered the first look at the exterior and interior styling of the all-new Honda Prologue battery electric SUV, which will hit the North American market in 2024. The design of the Prologue features a clean and simple “Neo-Rugged” exterior and interior styling. and a large interior space ready for adventures within the city limits and beyond.

Modern design with unbreakable aesthetics

Honda’s Los Angeles-based design team is responsible for the exterior and interior design of the all-new Prologue. The young design team decided to create a modern and fresh SUV with a clean and simple finish. Neo-rugged became the design direction, bringing harmony of natural elements to the Prologue’s exterior and interior. This design direction is reflected in details such as the panoramic roof and large 21-inch wheels, which give the model a powerful and expressive exterior. The front panel is influenced by the distinctive look of the ground-breaking Honda e EV model.

The Prologue will be available in an exclusive North Shore Pearl body color that was inspired by the natural beauty and colors near Lake Tahoe in California. In addition, the visual appearance of fresh snow on the mountains was used to inspire the exclusive charcoal and light gray colors of the interior.

“Our goal was to create a pure harmony based on the image of a rugged SUV, coordinating colors and materials to express the neo-rugged design style that is familiar to our customers and unique to Honda,” said Masaki Sumimoto, Lead Designer of Color, Materials and Finish .

To further build the Honda EV brand identity, the ‘H-mark’ at the rear of the vehicle has been replaced with the full Honda brand name in a stylized font that reflects the Prologue’s modern and clean design. In addition to being in line with Honda’s global electric vehicle lineup, the Prologue will adopt the e: series brand emblem.

The Prologue ranks well in Honda’s light truck lineup

The Prologue was conceived as a modern and fresh design that would feel right at home in the cabin of Honda’s existing SUVs. The Prologue’s generous dimensions and roomy interior place the SUV alongside the Passport in Honda’s light truck lineup. The Prologue will have a wheelbase of 121.8 inches and will be about 8 inches longer and 5 inches wider than the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V.

The Prologue will have a generous cabin with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Showcasing the tech cabin, the Prologue will feature a standard fully digital 11-inch driver display panel and an 11.3-inch audio/communications display.

Electrification of the future buyer

This “Honda Year of SUVs” includes the HR-V, CR-V and Pilot, models that play a key role in the preparation of mass sales of Honda EVs, which will begin with the Prologue in 2024. The Prologue, which will be available with all-wheel drive, will be aimed at active customers who want the versatility of an SUV with the benefits of a zero-emission BEV.

“We’re not going to wait until 2024 to attract EV buyers because we see a natural progression for CR-V customers to the Prologue with its slightly larger size, larger interior and good handling,” said Gary Robinson, vice president on automotive planning. and strategy at American Honda. “We will support this transition now by implementing smart strategies with the CR-V Hybrid that will enable our customers to transition to EVs.”

Honda’s research shows that hybrid electric car buyers are among the first to switch to all-electric products. Honda plans to increase the 2023 CR-V model range to 50% of hybrid sales, and will offer CR-V hybrid customers a shorter two-year lease in the ZEV states when that model hits the market in fall 2022. will allow customers in target markets to easily switch to the Prologue when the new EV is launched in 2024. Therefore, increasing sales of the company’s hybrid vehicles will help increase the customer base for future EVs.


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