Hella has developed intelligent system components for automated charging of electric vehicles. The electronic charging cover drive (eLA) makes the tank cover smart and thus supports the charging process by the robot. Innovative lighting components intuitively visualize battery status and charging mode and set additional design accents.

The company claims that special features may be integrated in the future for greater convenience and security. Bj√∂rn Twihaus, Managing Director of Global Electronics Business, Hella, explained that “automated charging processes, in which, for example, a robot takes over the charging process, will be an important lever in this process. Based on our strong experience in lighting and electronics , we are therefore working on further automation of the charging process. Partially automated charging processes can also be considered as a first step. “

One of the important requirements is that the charging cover opens and closes on its own; at the same time the charging robot must be able to communicate with the charging cover and the vehicle. This requires new technologies and mechatronic systems that need to be implemented in the smallest possible space next to the charging connection.

To protect against finger engagement, the drive has a built-in protection mechanism. Additional features can also be integrated depending on the manufacturer’s requirements. Hella has developed a space-saving concept based on red, green and amber LEDs, as well as EdgeLight technology, which is based on the end-user experience in consumer electronics.

To make it easier for the robot to place a charging socket, HELLA has also developed a so-called ring light with two white or RGB LEDs. In addition, lighting elements can be used for additional design highlights, such as electric car charging port lighting with static or dynamic animation.

Image caption – electronic charging cover drive makes tank cap smart; lighting components visualize battery status and charging mode and provide additional design accents.


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