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In retaliation for the police report, the gang member punched the man on the head several times, brandished a knife and threatened to kill him.

Reece Kenneth Ernest Hatfield was sentenced in the Nelson District Court on Tuesday on charges of assault with intent to cause bodily harm and threatening to kill.

A police summary of facts said Hatfield, a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, lives in a caravan at the Maytai Valley Campground.

At the time of the incident, his victim also lived there, in a separate plot. The two men were acquaintances but were not associates, according to the summary.

At around 5.45pm on February 3, the victim was traveling northbound on the Wakefield-Kohatu Highway when he was overtaken by a vehicle. As he passed by, passengers made hand gestures and shouted obscenities at the victim.

The victim reported the incident to Nelson police.