The supercharged Road King makes more than 200 horsepower and recorded a blisteringly fast time on the drag strip

Apparently, a supercharged Harley-Davidson is all you need for ultra-fast traction

If you like supercharged motorcycles, you must already know the performance of the TTS. For those of you who don’t, TTS is a UK shop that specializes in custom superchargers and has given us some crazy bikes, their latest project is 370-horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa. The shop also likes to test bikes on the drag strip, and on his most recent visit, TTS founder Richard Albans took a supercharged bike Harley-Davidson Road King to the drag strip. The result? Well, stupidly fast once a quarter mile, what else!


Supercharged Harley-Davidson produces more than 200 horsepower

The Road King even arrived on one wheel, thanks to all the crazy power

Yes, you read that right! Supercharging Harley-Davidson The Road King you see here has more than 200 horsepower, nearly 120 horsepower more than stock. This is thanks to the TTS supercharger and Richard claims that nothing else has been done to the bike. So the swingarm, wheels, camshaft, other engine internals, and brakes are geared toward stock and touring bikes, just like a stock bike.

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However, there are plenty of supercharger related parts in there, such as an intercooler, belts, brackets, a larger throttle body, and a custom ECU map. Most of them are internal, so the Road King still looks pretty normal on the outside. Without further ado, here’s what it can all do on the drag strip.

Our thoughts on the TTS Supercharged Harley-Davidson Road King

As you can see, the supercharged Road King ran the quarter mile in 10.6 seconds at an insane 128 mph (206 km/h). The bike can go even faster with this setup with just stickier tires, and don’t even tell us what it would do with a proper extended swingarm. Meanwhile, to put things into perspective, the 10.6-second quarter mile is in the sportbike category and faster than supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (via CarWow ).

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So what is all this? Well, the new Harley-Davidson Road King retails for $23,429, while the TTS Supercharger kit costs just £5,500 (~$6,200). You can order the latter from the States, but make sure you have a good mechanic to get everything ready so you can smoke superbikes with ease.