Heybike, a manufacturer of small and large electronic bikes, has set a new standard for a multifunctional electric folding bike. With lots of ways to enjoy electric bikes, Ranger model can cut work on any commute, off-road or any other day with a buzz.

We used to look at Heybike Mars, another challenging bike, but with a different direction. Mars is a more affordable electric bike that lowers the pricing for new riders.

For the extra money Ranger is definitely worth a look again as you will get many updates added in the app below.

Specifications Heybike Ranger

  • Price: $ 1,399
  • Engine: Rear-wheel drive 500 watts
  • Battery: 48В 15Аг
  • Engagement: Throttle, 3-level pedal assistance
  • Maximum speed: 28 miles per hour
  • Class: 3
  • Range: Up to 48 miles
  • Tires: 20 “x 4”
  • Brakes: Mechanical disk 180 mm
  • Payload capacity: 330 pounds
  • Transmission: Shimano 7-Speed ​​14-28T
  • Additionally: front suspension, battery lock, full wings, tailgate, front and rear lights, brake lights, solid wheels, USB charging port, water bottle cage, front accessory mount

With a bike it’s hard to find a balance between a few basic uses, but the Ranger manages to get better in several categories. Ranger works decently in adventure, business, usefulness and comfort. In the beautiful middle none of these applications are in complete conflict, and the bike can easily mix between them.

Heybike Ranger Comfort

Basically everything on the Ranger is done for comfort. On this bike there are so many comfortable moments that we have to dive in: comfortable handles, relaxed riding position, thick tires, comfortable saddle, shock-absorbing fork and seating. All these details are combined without additional work on the part of the rider. In a passive sense, they all work to stay on the bike longer, taking advantage of the large battery capacity.

Heybike Ranger Business

Heybike Ranger has a maximum range of 48 miles on a single charge. With this range you can easily drive around the city, maybe even downtown and back, with more charge for a spontaneous trip. If long trips are not important for cars, the choke can be used to explode into the horizon at the maximum speed allowed for an electric bicycle.

The Ranger has an amazing payload of 330 pounds, which means a sturdy rear luggage rack can really deserve its preservation. Keep dry with full wings easily, and the front and rear built-in headlights provide high visibility. The 500-watt engine can run quickly on hills, and the included brake lights can also safely descend the hill.

Heybike Ranger Mechanics

During the sliding descent the Ranger includes 180-millimeter mechanical disc brakes with an engine shut-off signal built into the levers. This device automatically shuts off the engine power, making stops much more predictable and protecting against unwanted acceleration. The motorcycle drive is a 7-speed Shimano gear lever with a Toruney switch and a rust-resistant chain.

Ranger frame Heybike

After all these features and uses, it’s hard to believe that a bike can still fold. Folding the frame in half, telescoping the rod, clamping the pedals and folding the steering wheel result in the Ranger having a smaller cube shape that fits easily in a variety of spaces. Heybike Ranger is assembled and ready for most adventures.

Heybike Ranger Price

For $ 1,399, this small folding bike costs a lot of money. My personal favorite part of the motorcycle is the solid wheels, which never need to be processed and can hold a large payload. This makes the bike very sturdy throughout, and delivers it low for a very fun riding experience. Other bikes, such as the Heybike Explore, offer a more specific direction for the mission, but for the versatile platform where you define the rules, the Ranger is a great option.

Check it out Heybike shopping site for your own Heybike Ranger. And check out the anniversary Heybike sale.

Heybike Ranger vs. Mars (Appendix)

Heybike Ranger Heybike Mars
Top speed is 28 mph Top speed is 20 miles per hour
Battery 48v 15Ah (grater range) Battery 48v 12.2
Remote switch and central display Universal display
Solid wheels Spokes with carved wheels
Through frame High top pipe
White / black option Only black

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