His epic podium last year was achieved when, despite a lack of time, everything was generally in his favor. Brin was at the level of his more experienced opponents in one-off scenarios, but it was hard to repeat everywhere.

His momentum was marred by that mistake in Sweden, and now the problem is to recover it. The problem is that in Portugal it can be very difficult given that Brin has not been there for four years and he is starting to finish third on the road and some extremely heavy strikers are starting much further.

This does not bode well. Bryn needs huge performances if he wants to strengthen himself in the championship – but the odds are against him.

Perhaps the 2021 season, Brin was ultimately an easy mirage that tricked us all into expecting from Brin too much too soon. Perhaps it is the 2019 version of Elfin Evans, capable of winning performances and impressive scenes and catwalks – rather than the 2020 version, which was one slippery turn from the World Cup.

Either way, right or wrong and for whatever reason, Brin didn’t quite look like the driver we all expected him to be in 2022. If that doesn’t change over the coming weekend in Portugal and Italy’s rally, then it may be time to strike his name off the list of potential 2022 world champions.


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