Race Day is when for runners everything comes together – and there’s nothing more exciting than getting to the starting line in high octane super shoes. Designed for speed, these super-kicks have easy builds as well carbon fiber plates for rapid response and energy return.

Brooks first made a wave in the Super Shoes game in 2018 when Desiree Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in three decades, crossing the finish line in a prototype pair that eventually became the Hyperion Elite racer. Five years after this milestone, Brooks has advanced its line of race-ready treads, releasing a brand new Hyperion Elite 3.

With a recycled upper and a nitrogen-saturated Flash DNA midsole, this responsive ride is the brand’s latest crack at the pole position for premium footwear. But how does this latest Brooks runner fit into the super-boot category?

Having run into HE3s for a few weeks, I definitely see the positives in these new shoes. They were fast and fun, however, if you are looking for maximum performance on race day, there is still something to be desired. That’s why.

Ben Eminger

Energy is there with HE3s, but they need more lightning.

HE3 transferred several technical components from their previous iteration Hyperion Elite 2sincluding a DNA intermediate sole, a carbon fiber plate and an identical sole. They create a fun, sympathetic trip that has given me some attachment to the transition. I also had no problems with overturning my feet when I accelerated the pace and I really think the shoes performed better during the pace workout.

However, while the ride is energetic and more responsive than other running shoes, the popularity you’d like in a superhouse is simply not there. I couldn’t really feel the presence of the carbon plate, and most of the forward movement could be attributed to the denser foam and the shape of the quick roll of the midsole.

Does it perform? Yes. But in the modern running landscape there are other racers who provide more momentum.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3

Brooks Beg

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3

Brooks Beg

The recycled top is where the HE3s shine.

While I wanted a little more clasp on the midsole, a redesigned HE3s top is all you want in sneakers. The top of the QuicKnit stretches comfortably and breathes well for a sturdy cloak on the foot. Around the sole and heel there are also dense areas for extra support without tearing off the attractive silhouette of the shoe.

Speaking of heels, HE3s boast an updated heel and collar area with an extra padding to increase comfort and protect against irritation. As a person who has suffered from blisters in the past because of sneakers, this has been a good addition to the profile.

Both QuickKnit and the updated heel combine to create an extremely safe ride. There is no denying this feeling of introversion, especially when tying Brooks ’new laces. These flat ridge laces created a solid knot that remained in place, but at the end of the day it was not a burden to untie. Brooks has also added a neon drawstring to the tongue so you can comfortably hold the rabbit’s ears so you don’t splash when you walk.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3

Brooks Beg

So, is Hyperion Elite 3 a real super shoe?

The HE3 costs $ 250, demonstrating Brooks ’commitment to competing with other race day products in the range. For me, the lack of energy returns does not justify the price. Super Shoes should help you transfer your energy with maximum efficiency when you need it most, and when categorized, the new HE3 will be a little less.

That said, I can’t complain about the trip and will definitely keep them in my rotation. These are great shoes – just wrongly categorized. If you’re already a fan of Brooks Stables and looking for an easy choice for a daytime pace, HE3 will put all the ticks.

Hyperion Elite 3


$ 250.00

  • The QuickKnit top is resilient and breathable for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Toothed laces remain in place throughout the run
  • Do not feel the stiffness and return of the carbon plate
  • Performance does not justify the higher price

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