“I guess in the early 90s when he burst onto the scene as a young talented rally driver,” he said when asked when he first became aware of Colin.

“When he won in 1995, there weren’t many athletes in Scotland winning world titles in those days, it wasn’t the same funding and the same help and support in general sport.

“There’s always been a big history in motorsport obviously in Scotland, but Colin’s commitment, his driving style, the fact he was Scottish, the fact he was world champion, I think 27 years after his championship you see how much he still means to everyone here.

“There’s a whole new, younger generation of rally fans who are becoming new McRae fans every day.”

In true McRae, there have been a few setbacks for Hoy, the most expensive at SS2 when he stopped: “I just sat there for about a minute, had to shut everything down, tried again and it didn’t work, tried again and it worked eventually restarted , so we lost over a minute in the first few stages,” Hoy explained.


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