There were suffocations as he passed inches from Przygonski’s blow through the crossings one, two, three times. Then came the last long left-hander. Ravanpera did not want to slow down, did not want to give up an inch.

Ravanpera experienced what he would never get in a rally – the contact of a car with a car. The front right corner of his Supra crashed into Przygonski’s GT86, and while both finished, it was the end of the road for the novice to operate. The judges were wrong. The newcomer will not be upset, as the Finn dropped out of the 1/8 finals.

“I was very upset about it, because for some reason it seemed that we lost all grip in the first fight,” he said on social media afterwards. “We tried to get an even bigger grip off the tire, then lowered the pressure a bit [had] even less grip. It was a little weird.

“We’re coming back here, and it seems like the tires we put on the rim today were spinning on the rim, and so I couldn’t catch up with the car ahead during the chase.

“Yeah, it was a big mess.”

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