Beijing (Gasgoo) – According to recent local media reports, Chinese ICT giant Huawei and Beijing-based automaker BAIC Group are working on a new HUAWEI Smart Selection car model.

ARCFOX αS HI; Photo credit: ARCFOX

According to reports, the new cooperative model will be built on BAIC Group’s ARCFOX platform, but will not be under the ARCFOX brand. The car is expected to be sold through Huawei’s distribution network and will officially enter the market in 2024.

ARCFOX responded to this question that “we do not yet have all the relevant information. Please refer to the information released by official channels in the future.”

Notably, ARCFOX already has a Huawei-powered car model on the market, namely the ARCFOX αS HI model, which was created as part of HUAWEI Inside’s collaboration with the ICT giant.

To illustrate, HUAWEI’s participation as an ICT player in automotive manufacturing can be divided into three cooperation modes: HUAWEI Inside (such as the ARCFOX αS HI model), HUAWEI Smart Selection (such as the SERES SF5 model), and general supply of auto parts (HarmonyOS, and domain controllers).

Cooperation under the HUAWEI Smart Selection scheme usually means that HUAWEI will actively participate in the development, supply and distribution of the car model. The cooperative models will also be displayed and sold in HUAWEI’s stand-alone retail stores. In the collaborative process, the automaker’s role often relies on platform research and development and vehicle production.

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