Honda Motor Co. revealed the plans will expand Honda Sensing’s suite of advanced driver assistance technologies to include manual override features on all U.S. models by 2030.

Honda says the technology reflects its vision to halve the number of traffic accidents involving Honda cars and motorcycles over the same time period on its way to eliminating fatalities by 2050.

An upgraded suite called Honda Sensing 360 is now being rolled out on select models in the China. It uses an extended sensor range around the entire vehicle that eliminates blind spots and improves collision avoidance.

In 2024, Honda will add new features and bring the technology to the United States in the middle of the decade. The Acura the tech package version will be called AcuraWatch.

Honda said the advanced features are derivatives of its Level 3 development automated control technologywhich is part of the Honda Sensing Elite package that debuted on the Legend but is only available in Japan.

Honda Sensing Elite is a flagship program that uses artificial intelligence to collect data and enhance the vehicle’s ability to recognize complex environments. Honda said it is developing these technologies as a way for drivers to achieve “safe and hassle-free” commutes on both highways and city streets.

Honda Sensing 360 builds on what is now offered as the Honda Sensing package, which first debuted on the 2015 Honda CR-V and 2015 Acura TLX and is now used in 7 million Honda and Acura vehicles in the US.

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