Volvo is close to revealing its all-electric successor to the best-selling XC90.

The successor will be another mid-size SUV called the EX90, and the covers are due on November 9.

Volvo has been slowly revealing details over the past few weeks, and the latest interesting tidbit is about sustainable materials in the cabin.

Instead of the traditional trim materials found in luxury cars, such as leather and exotic woods, the EX90 will feature materials that are either recycled or sustainably sourced.

These will include things like sustainable wood and wool, as well as a leather-like material called Nordico, made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable organic fibers. In addition, the carpets will use recycled nylon, including discarded fishing nets recovered from the seabed.

Volvo said each EX90 will have about 110 pounds of recycled plastic and organic materials.

Sustainable materials in the interior of the Volvo EX90

To help customers with interior design, Volvo plans to offer seven select themes, or “rooms,” as the automaker calls them. They match certain interior colors and materials to match certain exterior colors. Volvo said each theme was inspired by aspects of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Sales of the EX90 will begin in 2023, meaning it will likely arrive as a 2024 model. The vehicle will be a twin under the skin of the recently revealed one Polestar 3 2024and production is planned to expand at Volvo’s plant near Charleston, South Carolina, as well as other locations.

Technologies to be featured in the EX90 will include bidirectional chargingan passenger detection systemand a lidar sensor.