Having won eight consecutive constructors’ titles, Mercedes has struggled with F1’s transition to all-new rules, with several key issues in the 2022 contender preventing it from keeping pace with Red Bull and Ferrari.

Although the Brackley team has made strides to deal with the handling and bounce issues of the W13 car, they are still some way behind the leaders. After a modest and difficult season by high standards, he will need a major push in the offseason to fine-tune the 2023 machine.

Hamilton says he’s playing his part in keeping the factory team motivated and ready to go with the W14 next year.

“Definitely I have to continue to support everyone, make sure we leave no stone unturned so that next year we can come in and fight for the positions that we deserve to fight for,” Hamilton said.

“I think we always have to remember that this is a team, this team has people who have been here for over 20 years and have won eight titles since I’ve been here and more before that.

“They know how to build a World Championship fighting machine. For me, it’s just trying to support them in the best way I can.”

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG, in the team garage

Photo: Steve Etherington / Images of motor sports

Hamilton believes his team is handling its current issues well enough to build a vastly improved contender for next year, saying he has “no doubt we will have a better car in 2023”.

“I think for us, we know what the problems are with this car,” he explained. “I think as a team we didn’t go from being world champions to not being able to build a good car.

“I have no doubt that we will have a better car next year. Whether or not we’ve fixed all the problems we’ve had this year, we’ll know when we get there.”

With four races to go until the end of 2022, Mercedes head into Austin with 387 points, 67 behind second-placed Ferrari and well clear of the midfield contenders alpine and McLarenmeaning it is almost guaranteed to finish the season in third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

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