We knew the year 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 would be special. But even living with a “regular” C8 Corvette for a year and just over 40,000 miles didn’t adequately prepare us for how special. We found out after spending a day at Grattan Raceway and testing the Z06 Convertible and Z06 Coupe equipped with the Z07 package for this video.

What is driving the Z06 like on the track? As it turns out, you spend quite a bit of time with your mouth agape as that 5.5-liter V-8 revs up to 8,600 rpm, producing 670 horsepower and that intoxicating howl of a bloodhorn. It’s also a good thing the car handles so well, because you want to get back to the front straight quickly, if only so you can hear it over and over again.

We tested both the Z06 convertible and the coupe equipped with the Z07 Performance Package. You’ve probably already read these test results. If you haven’t already, please follow the relevant links below. We will wait.

This video shows the differences between the two cars, although scheduling conflicts and limited access to the coupe prevented us from filming this car on the track. We also provide an additional explanation as to why we were unable to match Chevy’s side-g pad claim on our pad. That answer involves studying the owner’s manual, which has instructions on how owners can prepare their Z06s for tracks like Virginia International Raceway and the Nürburgring, down to recommendations for different tire pressures and aerodynamic configurations.

As we said: it’s hard to believe.

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