Jiangling Ford launches Equator Sport

On March 28, 2022, Jiangling Ford Automobile Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “JMC Ford Technology”) launched its wide-body high-energy SUV Ford Equator Sport. It has four trim levels, Entry Trend, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus, with corresponding MSRP of 139,800 yuan, 143,800 yuan, 155,800 yuan and 165,800 yuan. It is well positioned to break the status quo in the 100,000 to 200,000 yuan segment, and it sets a benchmark for the cost of a major SUV.

Price Ford Equator Sport; photo: Jiangling Ford

Pre-deposits from users will receive an increased purchase price. New users are entitled to six exclusive benefits, including a lifetime warranty on major engine components and gearboxes, as well as a lifetime free data plan. All of these benefits will cover pre-sales, after-sales and everyday use. Information about the model and details are available in the WeChat mini-program “Ford Experience Store”, on the official WeChat page – “JMC Ford Family Space” and on the official website.

Born as a game changer, the Ford Equator Sport redefines the value of the overall SUV

David Xiang, president of JMC Ford Technology, told The Night of Challenges: “We are challenging the boundaries of design and exploring a new realm of strength and aesthetics. We challenge space constraints by offering a class-leading spacious American-style living room and comfort. We challenge ourselves to integrate innovative technologies and humanity, making it compatible with all innovative digital car terminals. We offer the best products at competitive prices for young and fashionable users who love the new Ford. ”

David Xiang; photo: Jiangling Ford

As a new model created with the spirit of a challenger, the Ford Equator Sport is proud of its wide design, innovative technology and high quality. It challenges traditional ideas and changes the perception of the market due to its impressive all-round performance.

Extensive design violates the boundaries of design and space

In the era of “appearance is power”, Ford Equator Sport perfectly interprets the latest and most progressive design language of the Ford brand. It offers an unusual and comfortable riding experience with a width for jumping that reaches 1935 mm. Best-in-class space in the aisle of 295 mm and a flat floor at the rear create great comfort for passengers sitting in the middle of the rear row. The maximum boot volume of 1422 liters makes it easy to accommodate family travel accessories, meeting the mobility needs of young families.

Photo: Jiangling Ford

Pioneering technologies unite humanity and intelligent technologies

Currently, autonomous control and intelligent cab are key indicators for assessing vehicle engineering. The Ford Equator Sport is an intelligent, attentive “smart mobility companion” with an intelligent Ford Co-Pilot 360 ™ driving assistance system that uses millimeter-wave radar as well as a vision-merging solution. The system offers a new driving experience using a number of advanced technologies such as LRAS, DCLC and APA 5.0. These two are intelligent 12.3-inch panoramic displays. The Tencent TAI 4.0 smart car system, real-time AR navigation and the on-board version of WeChat are ideal for experienced smartphone users. The first in its class information interaction system, which connects the Internet of vehicles and a child seat, reassures parents who ride with their children.

Photo: Jiangling Ford

High quality perfectly balances Ford’s DNA and user needs

For its transmission, the Ford Equator Sport has a standard Ford EcoBoost®170 engine with a maximum output of 125 kW and a peak torque of 260 Nm. The Honeywell high-speed turbocharger with low inertia significantly improves intake efficiency. The engine runs on the third-generation Magna wet 7 DCT with transmission efficiencies of up to 97% to achieve the perfect balance between reliable performance and fuel economy. For active and passive safety, the standard 1,500 MPa high-strength boron steel corresponds to the strength level of the aircraft chassis. Six airbags provide comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers. The best-in-class 6.4-degree front blind zone provides wider and more comfortable visibility while driving all road conditions ahead.

Redefine customer service scenes to challenge new service benchmarks

The first in the Family Space industry · Ford Experience Stores by JMC Ford Technology redefines the scene for users and consumption, creating a space that is as cozy and warm as home. More than 180 Family Space Stores have already been opened, covering more than 150 cities across the country. JMC Ford Technology has also launched a comprehensively updated “Always Included” user experience plan that includes confidence, hospitality and care to offer attentive and thoughtful care.

VIP guests represent a fearless challenger on Night of Trials

The Ford Equator Sport is destined to drive against traditional notions and explore the unknown. The night of the calls was remembered. Shin, Ford Equator Sport spokesman Shuhei Aoyama, a friend of the brand and architect, along with many distinguished guests, including automotive experts and technology experts, gathered online to witness a moment in the spotlight of Ford Equator Sport.

Shuhei Aoyama; photo: Jiangling Ford

Henry Bernard of Ford’s design team said that in line with Ford China’s new design philosophy, the Progressive Energy in Strength Design team has developed Equator Sport with 3 pillars of philosophy, agile, responsive and commanding to provide a younger and more energetic look. For technically savvy experts, the Ford Equator Sport really offers young people a sense of understanding. This encourages them to put down their smartphones to enjoy the trip, connecting them with the world outside the cabin. According to car critics, in addition to the ability to get a seat in the cabin, Ford Equator Sport has a clear pricing strategy and stunning product characteristics, making it a formidable player now
segment of medium SUVs.

Henry Bernard; photo: Jiangling Ford

Since its debut, the Ford Equator Sport has attracted countless attention from potential users. Shin, a powerful contender for the Chinese music industry and a representative of Ford Equator Sport, is one of them. In his musical career for more than two decades, Shin has constantly broken the boundaries of life and opened wide horizons with his wide vocal range. The tire’s unique innovative DNA and the spirit of the contender for the Ford Equator Sport are perfect. The resonance between the product and the musician leads to the birth of the exclusive themed song “A New Large Realm” for Ford Equator Sport. Shin performed the title song at the launch event, sending his wishes to users who will walk the roads ahead and explore the challenging possibilities of life.

Tibia; photo: Jiangling Ford

Strong belief leads to difficult actions in the PV market

Chen Aning, President and CEO of Ford China, said: “We are accelerating our user-centric business transformation, excelling ourselves and moving forward. By taking on the company’s strategy and vision, we will continue to deliver on the promise of Best of Ford.” the best in China ”.

By fulfilling this commitment, JMC Ford Technology is challenging only the strongest. It inherits Ford’s innovative and innovative genes that have existed for centuries to make full use of Ford’s world-leading resources in design, research and development and management, as well as its unique advantages in SUVs and pickups, and relying on intellectual power manufactured by Ford Fushan Intelligent Factory to effectively build powerful product portfolios to fully meet the growing needs of Chinese users in personalized cars.

As a joint venture brand that fully understands Chinese users, JMC Ford Technology violates the restrictions of the rules and challenges the boundaries of tradition to continue to improve its product. The distinctive Ford Equator Sport boldly enters the market and opens a new landscape. He is destined to make a big buzz as a younger, more individualized, more sincere and progressive SUV, and to redefine the value of the SUV.

March 28 Ford Equator Sport, born as a contender, embarks on a challenging journey to turn the SUV market. With new joint ventures and new technologies, JMC Ford Technology will take this opportunity to create a unique product line based on the requirements of Chinese users, and enter the photovoltaic camera market as a formidable player. We will continue to refine our differentiated services to treat our customers with great hospitality, bringing them a refreshing, passionate, professional and “distinctive for Ford” lifestyle off the road. We are challenging ourselves, and we are challenging this era.

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