2022 Range Rover shaped as an extremely important car for Jaguar Land Rover, and the company’s CEO in North America Joe Eberhardt seems confident of its future.

Launch of Art Range Rover of the latest generation came at a time when demand for SUVs continues to grow and buyers are willing to spend more on such luxury vehicles than ever before. Indeed, prices for the new Range Rover could exceed $ 250,000, and although Eberhardt does not view it as a direct competitor to such as the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, he acknowledges that there is some cross-buying between them.

During a recent interview with Auto newsEberhardt revealed that there were approximately 11,000 orders for the 2022 Range Rover.

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“We have about 11,000 orders,” he said. “I don’t think we will have anything [unsold vehicles] on earth in the foreseeable future. Now we are increasing production. I think we will end up with a good stock, but it depends on our ability to purchase the necessary parts and on how quickly we sell what will be. That’s a good problem. “

The appeal of the 2022 Range Rover is added by the fact that it is available with three rows. Eberhardt expects a 60-40 split between sales of the short wheelbase model and the long wheelbase model, most of which will be ordered with an available third row.

“I think at least a three-row car will account for 40 percent of sales,” he said. “But it can potentially be higher, just because it’s so well executed. If the customer does not need a third row, there is extra space for luggage. This is the most suitable of the options. “

Interestingly, despite the fact that the new Range Rover is full of technology, Jaguar Land Rover did not place much emphasis on semi-autonomous control technology when promoting the SUV. According to Eberhardt, JLR does not necessarily have to be a leader in this field.

“We have Level 2 technology and it’s been with us for a while. I don’t have accurate usage data, but I think most of our customers like to focus on driving. And they see help as support, not take control. Personally, I think this is the future. I don’t think we will see full autonomy in personal cars any time soon. “

Jaguar Land Rover also encourages those ordering the new Range Rover go for something to order. According to Eberhardt, individual orders help improve customer interaction with the brand as they can customize and order the car of their dreams.


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