Do you remember the brand of motorcycle you rode as a child? Kawasaki understands how to build brand loyalty, and offering an inexpensive electric motorcycle to young people (set a tariff difference of $ 1,099) can be just a brilliant move. After all, young children can ride electric motorcycles all their lives.

That’s right, Kawasaki has just announced a fully electric model designed for children 3-8 years old (includes some adjustable ergonomics). No suspension, but surprisingly large 16-inch wheels. Adjustable power modes (password protected so your child doesn’t interfere) and a rear disc brake complement the 250-watt electric motor.

Here are the details from Kawasaki in a press release and then a video:

The first experience of a child on two wheels is such an unforgettable time not only for the child, but also for the parents. While standard bikes are a common first step for a child learning to ride, there are a few products that will help bridge the gap with a small-volume motorcycle.

From the brand behind the KX мо motocross power plant, a brand new Electrodes ™ electric balance bike. Little rippers can now start their journey on two wheels from the age of three. This means that the path to the podium now begins earlier than ever. When young racers start riding the Elektrode, it’s an official welcome in Kawasaki’s iconic world-class high-performance cars.

Because engine noise and exhaust can often frighten young children learning to skate, Elektrode can encourage those who might otherwise be anxious to see how much fun it can be to ride. In addition, with Lime Green paint, license plate and motocross-inspired graphics, riders will feel like their favorite idol of the Kawasaki Team Green ™ racing team.

Elektrode has a compact size that makes it easy to carry in the back seat or in the trunk of a car, so riders can take their favorite two-wheeled vehicle on hikes, weekends or off-road excursions. Because it is designed and built in-house for young riders, Elektrode has the build quality and reliability that Kawasaki is known for, and is ready to withstand years of fun. With Kawasaki’s flagship electric bike now the whole family can have fun and help start the process of getting little rippers on their first bike.


  • NEW Designed and built by Kawasaki
  • NEW Powerless brushless motor with a capacity of 250 watts
  • NEW Three selectable speed modes (low / medium / high) with parental lock password
  • NEW Premium disc brake
  • NEW Adjustable seat height, steering position and brake level
  • NEW Lightweight aluminum frame with low center of gravity
  • NEW Durable 16 ″ alloy wheels and pneumatic tires
  • NEW Long battery with built-in frame and up to 2.5 hours *
  • NEW KX styles and motocross-style steering wheel with swivel throttle
  • NEW Folding steel footrests with rubber handle


The 2023 Elektrode electric balance bike is the first of its kind for Kawasaki, which is leading with a brushless air-cooled electric motor built into the wheels, creating 250 watts of acceleration on the rear wheel. Power is delivered smoothly, linearly and makes Elektrode move in a predictable way, gradually creating rider comfort with power and control. Because the electric motor is virtually silent, children will feel less intimidated by the noise that the engines and exhausts of traditional motorcycles typically produce. Strategically located in the rear wheel, the engine promotes low center of gravity Elektrode for the perfect balance point, which provides an easy feeling of steering and easy turning and tilting. The brushless electric motor has no moving external parts, which makes it easy to use and gives parents peace of mind.


Kawasaki Elektrode is the perfect electric bike for long-term entertainment thanks to the long-term lithium-ion battery in the frame. Elektrode can run 2.5 hours * (or about nine miles) on a single charge, and a full charge takes just 2.5 hours, giving children plenty of time to play. Because the battery is built into the aluminum frame, it is better protected from dirt, debris and any potential damage from shocks that can occur during heavy use, which increases durability. As a bonus, Elektrode is equipped with an automatic sleep feature that turns off the power after ten minutes of inactivity, saving battery life and relieving worry if someone forgets to turn off the device.

Charging your Elektrode battery is easy and convenient. The included charging cable can be plugged into the front of the bike and plugged into any home outlet, making it easy to charge Elektrode anywhere. If you are not at home, the battery can be easily charged from a car, camper or accompanying vehicle, which means that the fun can continue even on the road.

* Running time varies depending on battery age, charge and number of charge cycles, racer weight, speed and driving conditions.


Multiple speed modes, controlled by parents, allow riders to grow and adapt as their abilities grow. With the help of the LCD screen located on the steering wheel, you can select three speed modes, which allows you to quickly and easily switch between modes. Each mode limits the electric bike to a certain speed: low at 5 mph, medium at 7.5 mph and high at 13 mph. Power can also be turned off by turning the Elektrode into a balance bike that is suitable for any child at the beginning of their two-wheeled trip. In order to change the mode, the bike must be completely stopped, creating an extra level of safety for both the rider and the parents. A special parental lock, which requires a unique password, prevents unauthorized changes in power levels.


The Elektrode electric balance bike was made with the same well-known build quality as Kawasaki, and ensures that the Elektrode can withstand the heavy use of a child. The lightweight aluminum frame provides the longevity that parents expect while remaining light for children, and the compact 32.8-inch wheelbase makes it easy to drive. A very rigid steel front fork adorns the front of the motorcycle, giving riders a good steering feel, and a 160mm mechanical disc brake mounted at the rear provides ample stopping power when the lever is pressed, giving riders stable and easy handling. use a brake that helps study stopping and speed control.

To make the Elektrode light and durable, Kawasaki has developed special 16-inch aluminum wheels that, combined with low seat heights provide more feel for younger riders and eliminate the need to switch to larger wheels as children grow older. 16 × 2,125 HE tires and chambers with Schrader valves facilitate maintenance for parents, and knotty tires allow you to ride the Elektrode on different types of terrain.

Elekrode is designed for riders aged 3 to 8, and the presence of highly adjustable components makes it the ideal electric bike for growing riders. With an adjustable seat of more than 4 “, Elektrode can comfortably accommodate children from 37 to 55”. Folding steel footrests with rubber pads provide rigidity and versatility Elektrode, which allows you to easily turn a bike into a balance bike easy folding. Kids can first learn to use the Elektrode as a bike that pushes balance without friction / motor resistance, and then move on to using the footrest and electric motor / throttle.The design of the handlebars provides an upright position when riding without damaging the knees, providing extra space as children grow, and thanks to the usual size steering wheel and seat parents will be able to change and adjust their child’s bike at will.


Inspired by KX ™ motorcycle bikes that children see on races or on TV, the Kawasaki Elektrode is designed to look like a full-fledged off-road vehicle. The KX-style front license plate adorns the front of the Elektrode, and thanks to the iconic Kawasaki Lime-Green color and racing graphics that match the popular off-road motorcycles, children will feel like one of their idols of motocross. Smooth clean lines contribute to the simple, sporty look of the bike, and dirt-inspired tires combine the elegant Elektrode style.


The 2023 Elektrode electric balance bike will be available in Lime Green with a suggested retail price of $ 1,099.

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