Kawasaki has released teasers for its first electric two-wheeled car with a June 7 announcement date. The 15-second teasers, published on social networks, show images of a young racer and a dirt track, ending with the slogan: “Good time is electric.”

Two-wheeled transport will be part of a larger event that will include several ATVs and ATVs, some of which may also be electric. Last OctoberKawasaki has announced plans to release 10 electric or hybrid motorcycles by 2035 plus five four-wheelers by 2025. The June 7 announcement could be the start of Team Green’s electric shock.

The teaser shows nothing, and the only glimpse of the new bike is in the display of the rider’s points. All we can say is that it will be green and white, which is not entirely surprising news from Kawasaki.

Fortunately, we were able to find some more clues to suggest that the mysterious bike will be an electric motorcycle called “Electrode». Shortly before Christmas last year, Kawasaki applied for a trademark for the name Elektrode in several markets, including the United States. The list of trademarked goods and services includes a variety of electric and hybrid two-wheeled vehicles, but from the name alone we can assume that it will not be used for a hybrid.

The biggest clue about test page from Kawasaki web developers who accidentally went live. This particular test page (one of several that are currently publicly available) is intended for an additional license plate frame for the Kawasaki Teryx, but there is a new item in the navigation menu for the Elektrode electric balance bike. According to Google, the page has been running since at least May 9, but we expect it to be removed soon.

Landing page Kawasaki Elektrode

We don’t expect Kawasaki to leave this developer’s landing page too long. Good thing we took a screenshot.

The sketch is marked as a Placement Only Image (FPO), meaning it is a placeholder, and the stated price of $ 0 will obviously change. Unfortunately, the navigation link itself leads to a page that is not public, so we don’t have more details.

We will not have to wait, because there are only a few weeks left until June 7.

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