Ken Block raced almost everywhere you could take a powerful all-wheel drive car. He once even led an international take-off on Pike Peak, back in 2005 in a Group N rally car. But he never fought for the overall title, the most prestigious victory in American point-to-point races. He intends to change that this year, and being Ken Block, he intends to do so in a car built for the occasion.

This is Hoonipigasus, the dream creation of the Hoonigan Racing Division and Bbi Autosports. Like other cars the BBI has raced at Pike Peak in the past, this is a Porsche. However, unlike these modified modern cars, this one is a land-based creature reminiscent of the vintage 911. It’s in the style of the early 911, yes, but it’s a full-fledged mid-engine car and boasts about 1,400 horsepower with a 4.0-liter apartments. – Six. If all this is somehow unpleasant, it also weighs only 2,200 pounds.


Hoonipigasus gets part of his word game from the livery. Street artist “Trouble” Trevor Andrew developed the scheme, a tribute to the 1971 917/20 memorial known as the Pink Pig. The rest comes from a partnership with Mobil 1, which gives the experience of oil and the Pegasus logo in its traditional place on the vintage Porsche body.


Last year, the overall victory at Pikes Peak went to the prototype Wolf GB08 with a gap of more than 30 seconds on the shortened track. The bloc will also be chasing a record for all time, 7: 57,148 in a fully electric Volkswagen ID. Rbut this run was so fast that it may be safe for another year.

June 26 will be the International Rise of Pike Peak 2022. Block and Junipigas will be among the favorites for the overall victory.

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