The Kia Telluride is now entering its third model year. Telluride is about to get easier to find and cheaper to get. The fun surrounding Kia’s shockingly successful SUV (which won our 2020 Motor Trend SUV of the Year award upon its debut) is about to spoil, as the Kia Telluride gets even better looks and cool looks in-cabin tech. It is being updated, using strollers and folding chairs to provide a comfortable ride for the possibly leading family.

1.      The More, the Better

That is right, Kia has decided to make the already attractive Telluride even more attractive for 2023, but with new X-Line and X-Pro trims to improve exterior styling and deliver more rugged power. Levels have been added. So, what is different about it now? Kia has made new changes to the headlight and taillight internals, front and rear bumpers, and lower body side cladding for the 2023 model year, adding more intricate detailing for a more premium look. It is an SUV that is already visually above its price point.

2.      Color and Interior

It adds a trio of new paint colors to the roster: Midnight Lake Blue, Dawning Red, and Jungle Wood Green. Each trim level adds new designs of the best offroad wheels. The three-row, eight-seat interior is great for a family ride, with a new dashboard with new air vents, a new steering wheel, new colorways, and a new available display in front of the driver. It Extends to the middle of Telluride.

3.      Exterior and New Technology

In fact, the vehicle features two 12.3-inch displays that largely resemble the new screen unit Mercedes-Benz has. Closer to home, the new Kia EV6 electric crossover has a futuristic layout. It is not yet clear what the Tellurides will look like displays. However, unlike what the Telluride offers today, we would not be surprised to see a traditional gauge cluster and a separate central touchscreen. In addition to the display options, the 23 Telluride adds a standard Wi-Fi hotspot. As before, buyers can upgrade to a head-up display. Yes, the difference is that it is now larger and has a digital key that allows one to use a smartphone or Apple Watch to enter the vehicle. Well, it has been introduced as an option.

Kia has added traffic sign recognition and a left-turn warning function that can intervene if try to turn left into the path of an oncoming vehicle to the already standard suite of features (forward collision warning with pedestrian detection, lane-keep assist, Highway Driving Assist 1.5 adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert).

The updated dashboard, slimmer central vent, and edgier detailing pull off the same effect as the revised exterior: it only builds on Telluride’s already elegant setup. Let us see if it is a mainstream, sub-$50,000 three-row SUV (well, based on MSRP — who knows what it will take to convince a dealer to sell you one these days). How it looks and is built is a big reason why people fight over these things.

4.      Now There Are Off-Road Models

Two new trim levels will join the Telluride family for 2023, the X-Line and X-Pro, wearing beefier dress-up items to make the adventure easier and tastier. Only the X-Pro ups the ante on Kia’s off-road chops, with its black 18-inch wheels shod with Continental all-terrain tires. The X-Pro Increases Telluride’s towing limit by 500 pounds to a total of 5,500. It adds a 110-volt household power outlet in its cargo hold and gets sharper X-Pro badging and labels on the front seats. Kia also installs different bumpers on site, both front and rear. The Telluride says it recalibrates the off-road traction control setup to give more clearance at approach and departure angles. It installs a beefier roof rack and can raise the suspension by 0.4 inches.

The X-Line gets similar stuff, except for the tires and the towing update. It additionally trades the Master’s SUVwheels for the 20s on typical tires, and the X-Ace naming forgot it — X-Line badging. Both X-trim Tellurides get all-wheel drive standard. However, every Telluride is controlled by a similar 291-hp 3.8-liter V-6 motor and uses a similar eight-speed program. On the off chance that it was excessively joined to the 2022-and-earlier Telluride Sunset Version (a shutdown exceptional release trim), we have terrible news: The X models supplant it, and it will not rejoin the setup.

5.      Telluride’s Safety Features

Close to the smart move to capitalize on America’s developing fixation on outdoorsy vehicles with the X-Line and X-Ace, Kia has increased Telluride’s security risk for much more great energies with clients. Join the standard setup of capabilities (forward crash advance notice with walker identification, path keep help, Expressway Driving Help 1.5 versatile voyage control, path takeoff cautioning, vulnerable side checking, and back cross-traffic alert). Kia has added traffic sign acknowledgment and a left-turn cautioning capability that can mediate when attempting and take a left-hand turn in the way of an approaching vehicle. According to 20 inch wheels manufacturers, A rendition of that left-turn highlight that answers cross traffic, vehicles going the opposite way during a passing move, and side-swipe occasions is recently accessible, as is Expressway Driving Help 2, an additional skilled variant of the standard HDA 1.5 framework that could deal with mechanized path changes.

Do You Want to Buy a Kia Telluride?

Good luck with the hunt, which will most likely include a mix of dealer markups, limited inventory on Kia lots, and possibly even hand-to-hand fighting with other three-row crossover buyers anxious to get their hands on the most popular family vehicle in years.

Final Thoughts

The Kia Telluride does not need any updates to keep selling. So these improvements are made only to maintain the buyers’ interest, as has been happening for the last three years. Pricing information and sales are just around the corner, but news can be almost meaningless in today’s car market. It might cost several thousand rupees, but the demand and availability of Kia for the family can come down to throwing a few elbows at the dealership.