I only had two issues with the original Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest – no flow through the vents and no chest protection with the brains off. The new Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest solves these problems. Last year I did an in-depth study Vest Airbag Klim Ai-1so this review focuses on the Rally’s important upgrades over the original.Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Review: PriceThe original design of the Klim Ai-1 used a rear pad without a vent. The front zipper is made of ventilated material, so air can flow in; however, the back panel prevents air from escaping. For me, any temperature above 85 degrees was uncomfortable with an airbag on, and I avoided trips when I knew it would be in the 90s. New Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest includes a D3O CE Level 2 Ventilated Backrest When riding, I can feel the air being drawn along the length of my spine. The hottest temperature I drove this summer was 92 degrees. Even though I didn’t have the ventilation that comes without the airbag vest, I was still comfortable and no longer worried about the occasional 100 degree ride with the protection of the airbag vest.Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Review: SoldWhen I crashed on a dirt road while wearing the stock Ai-1 unit, I had the In&box module controller set to Airbag Adventure Mode—an additional $25/year subscription. Fortunately, the airbag deployed in time. When I was on the trails The ultimate motorcycle Yamaha Ténéré 700 project bike, where I knew I would be going slow at the same time and almost certainly drop the bike and fall over, I turned off the In&box module controller. A rollover on the high side of a rutted trail is not worth the $90 cost of replacing an inert gas canister.Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Review: SubscriptionHowever, the danger of hitting your chest on a stump or boulder is very real and is addressed in the new edition of Rally. On either side of the front zip there are two removable D3O CP1 CE level 1 ventilated protectors. Changing the back pad and adding split front pads didn’t change the weight of the entire airbag on my scales, and the upgrade to ventilation and protection is an extra $70.Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Review: MSRPThe new Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag has an MSRP of $470 per vest. However, the brain for self-deploying the airbag via speed sensors, lean angle information and GPS data interpreted by artificial intelligence is an ever-evolving program that lives in an optional In&box controller module that slides out on the rear deck. The In&box controller module comes in the same box as the Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest, it doesn’t work until you buy an activation subscription. Lifetime activation can be purchased for $399 at In & motion, or you can buy an annual ($120) or monthly ($12) subscription. It costs $869 ($470 + $399) to purchase the Rally Airbag and lifetime activation of the In&box controller. If you live in an area that doesn’t have a year-round riding season, you can save money and get a few extra perks by using the In&motion Subscription Model for $12 a month during the riding season, then suspending your subscription when you get off the bike .The break-even point is 33 months of subscription. After you buy the 34th month, you would be better off buying lifetime activation. There is also a subscription option for $120 per year, and the break-even point will be after three years of subscription. The full 12-month-a-year subscription model includes a $99 purchase option at the end of three consecutive leasing years; if there is a new generation module, you will get it at no extra charge. Regardless of your subscription type, you receive module updates at no extra charge. Since In&motion is always collecting rider data, such as my deployment, they can constantly improve the algorithm inside the In&box module. Also, Rally mode costs $8 a month or $25 a year — no lifetime subscription option. Although it would seem that Rally mode would not be optional in the Rally Airbag vest, it is not.Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Review: In&motionWhenever you double-press the ON button of the In&box module to arm it, a green light indicates that the unit is active and fully functional. If you are on a subscription plan and haven’t paid for that month, In&motion gives you a 30-day grace period. If you see a green light, you know your airbag is working, at least until you turn it off or the battery dies. In&motion assures us that it will never turn off your airbag “mid-ride”. If you’ve purchased a lifetime In&box subscription, you’ll receive a red flashing LED once a year, even if you never connect to the smartphone app. The system reminds you to connect to In&motion to synchronize your inbox and check for updates. If you are a subscription customer, you will receive a red flashing LED every month. In&motion has made syncing easy, requiring no extra action. Just charge the In&box next to your WiFi router and turn it on. Your trip data will be uploaded anonymously to In&motion to help develop the crash detection algorithm.You’ll want to sync regularly because your device’s recorded data storage space can fill up. If this happens, you may not have deployment data to share with In&motion. Previously saved data is erased after the sync is complete, making room for new data. I had my Klim Ai-1 Airbag Vest deploy twice. Once, in street mode, when I tripped over my own boots and did a quick Superman face twist, and the off-road crash I talked about earlier. The deployment is a surprise, but a welcome one if you’re injury-proof.You should put insulation protection on the airbag and protect the electronics from rain. In addition, it is important that the jacket has room to fully expand. He needs three inches in the shoulders, chest and back for room to expand. The deployment of the Klim airbag protects your chest, back and neck; I have first hand experience because I crash tested it. The wind didn’t even knock me down and I fell hard. The ventilation capabilities of the new Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest allow me to comfortably wear this important protection even in hot weather. If you only ride in moderate to cool conditions, the stock version does the trick. However, if you drive where it’s hot or sensitive to high temperatures, the Rally version is a must.Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Quick Facts

  • Sizes: SM – 3X
  • Color: black
  • In&motion subscription: $12 per month, $120 per year, or $399 for life

Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest Price: MSRP $470


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