KPIT Technologies has announced a further expansion of its presence in the United States with the help of an advanced software center in Michigan. The move is expected to accelerate the development of a software-defined vehicle for mobile giants OEM and Tier 1 in the US.

The KPITs Software Center of Excellence in New, Michigan, is committed to building on two decades of its presence in the United States. The center will allow teams to work closely with OEMs and Tier 1, which have been working with KPIT and technology companies that disrupt the mobility ecosystem for decades.

In the 4th quarter of 2222, KPIT secured TCV deals for $ 125 million, mostly from the U.S. region. Even in terms of revenue, the U.S. and Asia recorded moderate growth of about 8.8 percent each on a consistent basis. In Europe, on the other hand, business fell 2.4 percent to the quarter.

Sachin Tikekar, Joint Doctor of Medicine and Board Member of KPIT Technologies, said: “As the mobility industry is in the midst of exciting times, our expanded presence will help us continue to engage deeply with our customers. We will continue to develop value through our transformational solutions. ».

Chinmai Pandit, head of U.S. geography, KPIT Technologies, said: “The U.S. is one of our most promising geographies. We look forward to significant growth and will soon add more than 300 roles. Our work with world leaders, including on cutting-edge “Our academic alliances with universities across the United States will help us attract first-class local engineers. Our center will enable our teams to start their careers through exciting opportunities and help us serve our customers better.”

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