Using the new format for the first time, the riders with the top eight speeds in qualifying on one car moved on to the knockout round, where they teamed up in a one-on-one fight with a pit stop and a jerk on one wheel to the checkered flag.

Bush and Blaney’s team advanced to the final, and Pole won.

“Anytime you can showcase the ability of a boxing crew and have them and their athleticism in this competition and in this qualifying format, I like it,” Bush said. “I think it’s my favorite part of the year, coming to the All-Star Race,” said Bush. of course it means a lot.

“Especially this group № 18, with which I have had great success over the years, has obviously changed several times recently, but we have always been a threat to be reckoned with when it comes to the pole for the all-star race. It’s nice to have that today. “

The Bush № 18 Toyota team was the first to get out of the pit stop and quickly gained the lead on the track, easily beating Blaine by 1.284 seconds on the checkered flag.

Blaney starts with Bush in the front row of the race on Sunday night. William Byron starts third, Kyle Larson fourth, Kurt Bush fifth, Ross Chastain sixth, Martin Trueks Jr. seventh and Arik Almirola eighth.

In the semifinals, Blaine defeated Byron and Kyle Bush defeated Larson.

In the first qualifying round, Byron defeated Almirola; Blaney defeated Chastain; Larson defeated Kurt Bush; and Kyle Bush defeated Truex.

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1 round

Byron set a staggering pace in the first qualifying round of the All-Star Game, where all 20 entries made one attempt at qualifying.

Byron’s average lap speed of 189.288 miles per hour was in the lead, followed by Kyle Bush (189.115 miles per hour) and Blaney (189.043 miles per hour).

“It was fun,” Byron said. “We worked on the qualifying balance. It was our Achilles heel that I feel on these one and a half tracks. Just get a good qualifying balance … see how it works – it’s great. “

Also in the top eight who will fight for the pole of the race are Kurt Bush, Larson, Chastain, Trueks and Almirola.

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