All those who complained about boredom from the beginning of this Vuelta ate their own words. We’ve had too much drama for any taste and everyone, even the biggest Remco fan, will be hoping that Primož Roglic can start stage 17 of La Vuelta a Espana 2022.

Review of Stage 16 of La Vuelta a Espana 2022:

After pushing in the final 2 kilometers of stage 16, Primož Roglic ascended to the throne, unaware that Remko Evenepol had the luckiest of mechanical problems. While we were still debating whether the Belgian would be credited with the same time, drama happened. Primož Roglic’s steering wheel caught Fred Wright’s steering wheel, and the Slovenian was sent to the asphalt.

Completely overshadowing another amazing win by Mads Pederson, the picture showing Roglic’s condition doesn’t look encouraging. The Slovenian has really been gaining momentum in the last week of this Vuelta, and at this point no updates have been given on the damage done.

La Vuelta a Espana 2022 stage 17 preview:

If Primozh Roglich cannot start this stage, the peloton will already be in a depressed state and victory by a margin is assured. But the Slovenian is such a fighter, we expect him to start. Depending on how he feels about staying safe and finishing the day or racing again at Remco.

La Vuelta Spain 2022 stage 17 profile
La Vuelta Spain 2022 stage 17 profile

The 17th stage of La Vuelta a Espana 2022 is actually quite difficult. The short undulating terrain really suits the off-road rider. Thomas de Gendt it’s the GOAT to win this type of stage. Julien Bernard, Fred Wright, Luis Leon Sanchez, Jan Buckelants, Filippo Conca, Alessandro de Marchi and Chris Froome (yes, he’s still here) are all the riders who could make it to the end.

The biggest difficulty in winning from a margin is to form the right one. The start of the stage is downhill and expected to be fast. In the first 20 km, none of the riders will be able to make the correct one. From this point on, the correct move will only depend on form, power and, of course, luck. Mads Pedersen maybe he will actually lead his guys or he can try to ride with the peloton and win again.

the final ascent
the final ascent

This is the last ramp that takes us to the line. At 10.3km long and classified as a category two, this is definitely no ordinary ramp and some serious damage can be done.

All eyes are on Primoz Roglic, if not for his crash on stage 16, he would certainly be one of the favorites not only to win, but also to drop the race. After his recent setbacks, stage 17 of La Vuelta a Espana 2022 is likely to be a day when the Slovenian will be on the back foot and hoping to survive without wasting time.

Forecast for stage 17 of La Vuelta Spain 2022

★☆☆☆☆ Chris Froome/ Alessandro De Marchi

Either of the two veterans on the breakaway will be a serious contender for the stage win. They’re not the fastest guys, but they’re definitely not the lightest. The final climb really suits Chris Froome more with his coffee machine style.

★★☆☆☆ Luis Leon Sanchez

Another very experienced rider who has won a similar stage before and is to be reckoned with. He will know exactly when to go on vacation, when to work hard and definitely how to ride at his own pace.

★★★☆☆ Thomas de Gendt

Experience is the key to victory on a grand tour stage and there is no one who comes close to Thomas De Gendt. A career built on generous effort and insatiable hunger has shown Giro that he still knows how to win!

★★★★☆ Mads Pedersen

He is the man of the moment and will be missed at the World Cup. We have yet to see his true limit in climbing, as any mountain stage promises pure climbers, we have the man in green in the gap. The final climb really seems too hard for him to be able to consistently sustain 8% for the last 5km. But you never really know, because he seems to have acquired a taste for getting into splinters too.

★★★★ Fred Wright

We take the same thing and start over. How much longer can a rider knock on the door of victory. He completely exceeded expectations by blowing up the Tour de France at the Vuelta. A first victory is just around the corner and stage 17 of La Vueta a Espana 2022 is even more in line with his abilities!

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