Lancia is preparing to lighten it Strategic plan for 10 years starting in 2024, including a brand new range of three models and his expansion in European markets. The Italian brand has revealed the length of future Ypsilon, Aurelia and Delta as part of the official announcement of the appointment of five new brand managers in Europe.

The new-generation Lancia Ypsilon, debuting in 2024 with hybrid and all-electric options, will be about 4 meters (157.5 inches) long. This means an increase in area compared to its predecessor size of 3840 mm (151.2 inches) sold since 2011 shares its platform with the Fiat 500.

The larger body put the Ypsilon at the core of the supermini segment, which is still quite popular in Europe. The new model will be based on the STLA Small architecture. The same platform ultimately underpins the entire portfolio of compact Stellantis models, including the Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa, Citroen C3, the as-yet-unnamed Fiat supermini and a range of B-SUVs.

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The next Lancia model will be the flagship Aurelia, which is 4.6 meters (181 inches) long. Unlike previous Aurelia models, which were produced in sedan, coupe, spider and convertible bodies, the reincarnation will follow the crossover in line with the prevailing design trend of our time. It will have an all-electric transmission and will most likely be based on the STLA Medium architecture. Lancia is not the only Stellantis brand with a flagship crossover Citroen C5 X and deviating from sedans like Thesis Lancia.

The third and final Lancia Renaissance model will be the new Delta, which is due in 2028 and is 4.4 meters (173.2 inches) long. It will take shape compact hatchback honoring their routes. Lancia describes the new Delta as a “sculptural and muscular car with geometric lines,” which leads us to believe it will be a modern look at Original, designed by Giugiaro. We also know that it will be fully electric, probably based on the STLA Medium architecture.

Lancia from 2028 will only switch to EV, this means that this is the date when the hybrid version of Ypsilon will be discontinued, and its three-model range will cover 50 percent of the market.

In previous ads we also heard about reinterpretation of symbolic elements, illuminated grilles and luxurious retro interiors with environmentally friendly materials and lots of technology. Now Lancia has revealed that the interior design will be inspired by Gamma, Theme and Flavia models. As for on-board technology, the intelligent virtual interface SALA (Sound Air Light Augmented) will give access to the sound system, air conditioning and ambient lighting with a single button.

Lancia will expand into European markets outside of Italy, creating 100 new dealerships in 60 major European cities and betting on an optimistic 50 percent of online sales. To do this, the company has appointed five brand managers: Paolo Picieri for France, Niccolo Beggoli for Germany, Francesco Calanese for Spain, Patrice Duclo for Belgium and Luxembourg and Patrick Zegward for the Netherlands. Rafaele Rousse has been reaffirmed as a brand manager for Italy, and Roberto Cerbi, head of the Lancia brand for Europe, will become the commercial coordinator in the region.

Lancia said the top five countries were chosen because of their passion for “Made in Italy” products (Spain, Belgium and France), matching online sales (Netherlands and Germany) and the popularity of the premium segment of the B. model (all five) .

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