Latvala’s call for hydrogen power for the WRC is perhaps unsurprising given that Toyota is one of the biggest proponents of hydrogen cars on the road as well as on stages with its Yaris GR H2.

“Hydrogen, maybe, to be in the championship in 2025 may be a little early,” Latvala admitted. “So in that sense, we could expand on that [hybrid Rally1 ruleset] a few more years and then get hydrogen in the championship. But it’s not up to me.”

Robert Reed, the FIA’s vice-president for motorsport and a 2001 World Rally Championship-winning driver, noted, however, that the endurance rally format may be less suited to hydrogen than the shorter sprint events.

“If you refuel a hydrogen car for 20 or 40 minutes in a race, that’s one thing. If you’re refueling a hydrogen vehicle four hours before it goes back into the service fleet and the hydrogen is supercooled, you have a lot of other problems,” he said.

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