Beijing (Gasgoo) – In February, Chinese startup EV Leapmotor’s monthly shipments rose more than 400% year-over-year, but more than halved compared to January 2022, the company said March 1st.

Photo: Leapmotor

In the second month of 2022, Leapmotor delivered 3,435 cars, up 447% from a year ago. However, when shipments in January reached a record high of 8,085 vehicles, Leapmotor’s February deliveries fell 57.5% for the month.

The total volume of Leapmotor deliveries by the end of February this year amounted to 11,520 cars.

Moreover, the startup has calculated the situation of user use on the road during the Chinese New Year in February. During this time, Leapmotor users have accumulated 12.62 kilometers on the road with 51,389 ACC activations, 2,852 LKA activations and 54 AEB participations.

Leapmotor’s fourth production model, the C01, is reportedly to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in April. The autostart showed the specifications of the sedan on February 25th. According to Leapmotor, the C01 will be the first production model to be equipped with CTC battery technology, which provides a range of 700 km. The length of the car will be five meters, but it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds. Pre-sale of C01 is expected to begin in June, and the expected delivery – in September 2022.

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