The World Cup leader was overtaken by his rival Red Bull, who lost the lead in the first leg and then failed to regain first place after a late attempt after a period of car safety.

Due to the fact that Ferstappen won for the second time in a row in F1 after the success in Imola and again gained the advantage in speed, Leclerc is clear that it is time for Ferrari to make some progress.

The Italian company has so far refrained from any major upgrades to its car, but the team has been talking about rapid developments to help its cause.

Speaking after the race in Miami, Leclerc said: “We need to keep pushing.

“Modernization will be very important throughout the year. And I hope that now we will be able to take a step forward from the next race.

“But it’s been hard since the start of the season.”

Leclerc said his hopes of winning were pretty much shattered the first time he wasn’t as fast on mid-range tires as Ferstappen.

And although the Ferrari F1-75 was better suited to the stiffness used for the second stop, its pace was still not strong enough to allow it to regain first place.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1-75

Photo: Glen Dunbar / Drawings of motorsport

“We fought pretty hard with mid-level tires, especially in the first pass, and we were overtaken there,” he said.

“Then it made our race a little more challenging from that point on. On the hard we were very competitive and by the end I thought that at some point I would be able to get Max.

“Today they had an advantage in pace. But it was fun. And it’s amazing to see so many people again, I kept saying it, but yes, it’s great that there are so many Ferrari fans in the stands. “

Ferstappen’s victory allowed him to reduce Leclerc’s deficit in the league table to 19 points.

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